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Marianne Paskowski

No Super-Bowl-Styled Ads for Katie’s Debut

September 8, 2006 12:22 PM

I, like millions of other voyeurs, tuned in for Katie Couric's Sept. 5 maiden voyage anchoring “The CBS Evening News,” even though I have not watched a broadcast evening newscast in years.

Sure, I looked at her hair, her white jacket, the new studio, the selection of news stories. But mostly I was surprised by the mundane quality of the TV ads.

With the countdown of her appearance afoot for months, one would think the ads would be of Super Bowl ilk for such a heralded event. Instead there was an ad for Vytorin, a cholesterol-lowering drug; one for Dr. Scholl’s innersoles; one for Advil, arthritis strength; and one for Lunestra, a sleeping pill. There were others for Campbell’s soup and some shower cleaner. Yawn.

Advertisers missed a major opportunity to crank up the creativity. Instead we saw the same old geriatric-targeted ads pushing products at the older demo. Madison Avenue blew it.


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Dave Sanders:

Very proud to have known Mar in the early stages of my life.....
I have made some minor mistakes in my life but I always knew deep in my heart marianne would be a sucess as would I. I just hope she is as happy as I am with my sucess' and her family as I am with mine.....She was my first real love...a Polish girl with a great brother and a great Dad. A woman with ethical Catholic standards and the ability to say NO which I did respect.......As I celebrate my 37 years of marriage to my wonderfulwife I still remember and love Marianne and her brother Tony and the old Chicago neighborhood.
Dave S. Santa Clara CA via Boston & NY retired.

Marianne Paskowski:

Well, now that my life is an open book as a blogger, nice to hear from you, ever so publicly. Greetings from to your family as well. Full disclosure here: he was my childhood sweetheart in Chicago andI had not heard from him for decades until he tracked me down in New York after 9/11 to see if I was OK.

Now Dave, time to weigh in on TV. Bet you watch the History Channel! and way too much cable news.

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