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Marianne Paskowski

Fox News Scores Victory With Cablevision

October 17, 2006 3:49 PM

The Fox News Channel, which just turned 10 years old, has reason to celebrate, having just cut a hefty carriage renewal deal with multiple-system operator Cablevision Systems for more than 75 cents per subscriber, according to published reports.

That’s far more than what industry speculators were wagering just weeks earlier because Fox, which was getting 25 cents per subscriber when it first launched, is now seeking a hefty $1 per subscriber. Most mavens had bet that Fox would get 55 cents to 60 cents per subscriber, reasoning that because the lower-rated CNN gets about 50 cents per subscriber, Fox should do a little better. All pointed to how Cablevision could play hardball during negotiations and expected a prolonged battle with Fox.

Well, that turned out to be a short-term battle of the wills. While that is a significant and well-deserved victory for Fox given its rapid growth from nowhere, remember Cablevision is relatively small potatoes. The MSO only serves 3 million subscribers and might not be a harbinger of what lies ahead. Coming up will be more protracted negotiations, I would gamble, when Fox deals with the nation’s largest MSO, Comcast Cable Communications, with its some 23 million subscribers, and Time Warner Cable, the second-largest MSO, with its 14.4 million subscribers. Any other wagerers out there?


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" What Lies Ahead" sorry if I find that funny, Too bad the ( handful of fascists )ownership of main stream media refuses to allow the freedom of media to investigate 911 properly, We live in such a big brother society now, how long soon when it becomes a police state and we lose all our freedoms? Hey I cancelled my newspaper and I block out Fox news. I rely on the Internet for my news now... Cheers

Marianne Paskowski:

Cheers back,
Or whatever. If you're a cable subscriber in Cablevision territory, odds are you will see a rate increase on your cable billl, given the recent news of the mega rate hike deal with Fox. You can block it out, but you'll pay for it, eventually, and so will other cable subscribers with different providers..

I hear your frustration. But like it or not, Fox is winning the ratings war against CNN. Why?Tthe Fox audience is actually a portrait of how Americans think. Your only recourse is to vote in November. Here's a thought: Why is Fox so ahead in the ratings , not much, but it is? It's time for all Democrats to stop whining and give voters and TV viewers another option. Don't tune out, tune it and listen to what all voices contribute.
Enjoyed hearing from you.

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