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Marianne Paskowski

New Two You: Ted Turner & Catherine Crier

October 10, 2006 3:09 PM

Former Time Warner CEO Ted Turner, aka “The Mouth of the South,” did not fail to disappoint at a speech he gave at the National Press Club in Washington yesterday. He uttered the usual “Turnerisms” about news reporting, nuclear policy and what happened to him when he was fired by Time Warner.

But reporters couldn’t miss who was noticeably perched on his arm: Court TV anchor Catherine Crier. Turner, 67, steered her around the room with a guiding hand, introducing her to attendees. Crier, 51, reportedly was beaming at his witty remarks, according to published reports.

This was not the first public sighting of the two together. Last month Crier accompanied him to the opening of his new bison restaurant in New York. Pictures posted on various Web sites show the two arm in arm at that event. This morning my spies at Court TV confirmed Turner and Crier have been seeing each other for about a month now.

What an interesting pairing. Both are liberal in their politics; both have long, strong roots in the cable news biz; and both have an affinity for animals. Crier is passionate about horses, but not for the purpose of supplying animal by-products for Purina Dog Chow. Turner brought back the near extinct bison to this country, now having raised a herd of 45,000, some of which become menu selections in his restaurants.

Could that potentially become a sticking point in this seemingly budding relationship? My sources doubt it because Turner raised them for environmental issues, not just to supply fresh meat for his restaurants, which came later.


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