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Marianne Paskowski

So Where’s the 12-Step Program?

October 18, 2006 1:47 PM

A new study from the Stanford University School of Medicine that hit the Internet this week finds than more than one in eight American adults cannot stay away from the Internet for several days, and may be addicted.

Days? Try hours.

At least in the case of those of you who are creating viral video and other new digital content to expand your brand online, or bloggers like me who feed the voraciously hungry Internet beast too.

So take the first step today and admit, “I am an Internet addict.” Researchers at Stanford warn that signs of Internet addiction include a disregard for health or appearance—yikes, I forgot to floss after lunch today. Internet addiction results in less physical activity—yep, I’ve already decided to blow off the gym today because I’m staring down the double-loaded barrel of two deadlines.

Internet addiction can also decrease social interaction with others—hmm, do you think that includes spending time on social networking sites like MySpace? I’ll ponder that while I take step two to the cure and floss.

But first, a quick e-mail check.


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