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Marianne Paskowski

Court TV to ‘Out’ Turkeys

November 9, 2006 5:43 PM

The annual pre-Thanksgiving Food Drive is not going well at Court TV, according to a widely distributed e-mail from an employee who now threatens to “out” the names of the colleagues who work on various floors who have made no contributions if donations don’t pick up before the November 19th deadline.

The 19th floor, where most of the drones work, so far as the best track record, contributing 23 items, including some nice cans of Progresso soup. But shame, shame on the 4th floor where the net’s top executives reside: So far a grand total of six items have been donated to the drive from the executive wings. And triple shame to the 3rd floor, occupied by the net’s on-air talent, where there’s not a single contribution in the food drop, save for one paper napkin.

True, there are 70 fewer people working at the net since Liberty Media sold its 50 percent stake in Court to Time Warner last May. Guess the hundreds who are left are so busy polishing their resumes and going off to job interviews elsewhere, that they don’t have time to schlep a can of soup to the office. Tsk, tsk, says Ms. Waggle Finger.


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Marianne Paskowski:

Postscript: I forgot to add, most importantly, that the info contained above was also posted on Court TV's own web site, and hence the wide distribution of what's going on at the net, regarding the Food Drive. That's gutsy. The last publicly traded company I worked for would have immediately conducted a witch hunt to trace the online leak and scores of heads would have been chopped . Whoever you are, you did good.

Marianne Paskowski:

Post, postscript: Well don't bother looking anymore for this item on Court TV's website, about the lackluster Food Drive. I hear the item was pulled after my blog was brought to corporate's attention. Too bad, I thought the item on Court TV's website was a great nudge to remind people to do the right thing for the needy. Sounds like the folks at Court TV have a better sense of humor than their new owners, Turner. Oy, another example of clashing corporate cultures.

Court TV message board moderator wields a lofty power in my opinion unscrupulously. Those posters who take the time to post on CTV messageboards are often banned for giving feedback which doesn't sit well with the Moderator.

The CTV Moderator doesn't like the feedback so sets about banning people from posting and participating. The CTV executives are unaware of the meglomania which exists within their ranks. If they knew would they take care of business? Should they take care of business?

The Moderator is all powerful. Nothing gets into the inersanctum of CTV. It's stopped. It's prevented. All contact with Management is stifled. As a consequence the CTV Moderator rules the roost and effectively runs the Company thus the show.

It's ironic that a site devoted to Justice is itself not behaving justly. It's time for the senior management at Court TV to step down and have a closer look of the attitude of the Moderator and her unruly, unethical behaviour.

Look at the feedback site on CTV before they delete the evidence. No freedom of speech there.


CTV is a waste of bandwith.


When are the honchos at CTV going to pull their moderators into line?


Check the feedback on CTV before it gets deleted. Honesty is not a value they abide by.

Marianne Paskowski:

Look, the moderator had a gun to her/his head, and did what corporate demanded.. Frankly, this--the Food Drive-- was internal company news and probably should have only appeared on the company's Intranet. That's the way most companies tackle this sort of issue.

Having said that, I only hope that my blog somehow urged all employees--especially the suits and on-air talent-- to contribute to the Food Drive. What I really want to hear from the suits at Court TV is how the fund actually fared.

And you, the latest responders, all raised a very interesting and touchy question for all bloggers. And that is should blogs be moderated? Mine is, but I've never heard about any comments being stifled. But here I am awaiting moderation of my own comments:}

The suits at Court TV don't have the slightest idea what is happening in their own Company. The public interface is non existent. Try and write a letter to them and see how successful you are.

Blogs should not be moderated. Who ever is the moderator is the most powerful person in relation to any blog. If they don't like it, it don't get seen. So much for freedom of thought and speech.

Blogs were devised I thought to enable everyone to air their concerns about issues that no one would touch. That is why I am here. Any criticism perceived or real of CTV is not appreciated. In fact, I would like all those posters at CTV who are disgruntled to come here. Thus enabling their voices to be heard in a public arean.

In fact, if a poster from CTV sees this I would like them to let evereyone know about this blog.

Thanks in advance.

Marianne Paskowski:

Hiya Stinker and Change,

To Stinker first, I'm sure the Court TV site is neglected, given all of the reent changes and being incorporated into Turner Nets. I get and accept that. And understand, to a degree.

Now to Change. You and I have different opinions. I am a journo for TVWeek and subject to libel, slander charges and all that jazz. At first I hated moderation, whatever that actually means. All it means hereat TVWeek is that somebody on the desk makes sure I don't get me or you sued. Whatever.

Nobody, to my knowledge, and I talk to the gang at TVWeek constantly has ever been blocked. It's just a border check. Remember, the Court TV site was open to the public, with the posting about the Food Drive. Pretty dumb.Should have been on the corporate Intrasite. But glad it happened because it opened the debate anew about moderated versus unmoderated sites. Saw some half-as research somewhere where most users preferred moderated sites.

Do you?

Hi Marianne,

As I understand it a Senior Member posted the Turkey Drive stuff at Court TV from an inside source. It didn't get their by accident. That particular Senior Member must know someone in CTV. You will not see that thread there, now. It's gone.

The fact that it got past the Moderator was definitely no accident in my opinion. In fact the Moderator there is doing everything possible to give CTV a bad image with sly aside comments to long term posters.

The job can't be an interesting job. Nevertheless, payment is made for such work. Compromise , conciliation and contact would not go astray over there.

I honestly believe that the Management are unaware of power wielded by the Moderator which adversely affects their image.

Thanks for starting this blog. Complaints should be able to be aired to bring attention to issues, that's impossible when the person you complain to is the person you're complaining about. The 'contact us' function at CTV takes you right to the Moderator. That's it. Finito. Nada.

In other words, don't tell us we don't want to know. Even if we did, so what! You're only one of the philistine's who watch CTV.

Marianne Paskowski:

Hiya Dirty Water,
Hmm. Guess the vaulted research, which corporations pay millions for is dead on wrong. You all seem to prefer un-moderated sites. Trust me, Dirty, any disgrunted or alienated people can come up here and spew. That is in uncase you are vulgar or crazy. And none of you are in my mind, orin the mind of my editors.

Marianne Paskowski:

Hey, Stinkerr,
I'm sympatico here. Never watch the net. A source leaked this whole biz about the Thanksgiving Food Raiser, and the managment's pathetic response via an online posting. Of course the links are gone. I told you that already. So tell me something new.

Let's be sympathetic here for those left at Court TV who saw their whole world go atumble. And, as I said earlier, whoever, outed the execs and on-air talent did the right thing. Now apparently, I really don't know if a school-master/mistress moderator is monitoring and censoring all of your comments. But somebody is from the new owners.

So come back here anytime. This whole biz about monitored and unmonitored blodgs fascinates me. I can guarantee you your comments will be read.


Hi Marianne,

All members at CTV use nic names. No one knows anyone else outside of cyber space. Unless they have used private messages to do otherwise.

CTV members who would like to air their grievances have nowhere to go. Certainly not to CTV, there's no one home. The light is on but everyone is out.

Getting the message out to come over here is virtually impossible unless someone over there sees it. I found this by accident.

Let's see if we can make magic?

A Moderated site is fine by me. The only problem being that a Moderator must be subjective. Subjectivity can work for moderated sites or against them depending on the depth, breath, width of the subject viewer.

Moderated sites are cool if they are administered with an open mind. If for instance you had a very tight fundamentalist mind moderating the show very litle would get on the boards.

Selecting a Moderator with an expansive attitude is what is required on Moderated Sites. Not tight mouth, beady eyed, small minded, over inflated ego driven Nazi runts.

Marianne Paskowski:

As far as I know the moderator actually allowed the original posting about the Food Drive. Corporate made the moderator take it down. Still awaiting the official word from Court TV about what happened. Made that call yesterday, and nada so far.

I'm not dissing the moderator here who was just shaming executives, albeit publicly, to do the right thing. Obvious, no one in the executive wings at CTV has a sense of humor.


Coming here to get the message out seems to have worked. One of the posters who was banned has miraculously been reinstated. At least I think so. The word banned has been removed from under the nic name. This is only one. One is still better than none. Someone over at Court TV may just pay attention to what is said.

Who knows the heat may have just gone up on the Moderation.

Thanks Marrianne.

It seems the Coldwater moderator at CTV is way too smart by half. Covering the back comes naturally. Deceit and coverup is not unfamiliar.

Freshwater moderator unfortunately for said moderator does not find it natural nor makes it a practice to cover tracks or deceive.

Which is moral and which is cunning?

Marianne Paskowski:

Meanwhile, does anyone know how the Food Drive at Court TV ever fared? That's what this was all about, tho I understand how you all feel about moderating blogs now. So let me know if you can find out. You all seem to know your way around that slght pretty well.


I'm trying to blow the whistle on corruption with the moderator at CTV..the moderator has gone into another banning frenzy and there is reason to believe that the Moderator CW was involved in a coverup on the message board. A poster recently CLAIMED that her son had died of injuries he suffered in Iraq, he supposedly died in a Germany Hospital. Several of us questioned the story and checked the DOD casualites list for out of theater, nothing was found with the young marines name, no one passed away on that date, there is no record of the name that was given..nothing added up with the story..whoever questioned the story was banned and threads were deleted. Several people contributed to a Hero thread in honor of this fake story...the thread was eventually closed. The people that brought the fake story to light were all "banned" Any threads started regarding Troop Casualities were quickly "deleted".

One poster in particular who posted several negative stories about Democrats was "banned" and all the threads deleted of course. This happens ALL the time.

Something needs to be done about the CTV message board and the moderator, it's giving CTV a bad name among other things. I'm seeking information as to how to protest this Moderator and hopefully have him/her replaced with a more fair and balanced moderator for what is supposed to be a public board.

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Westbrooke,
Sorry so late in responding. A little advice here, don't mess with this woman moderator who said whatever she said about her son. Maybe it's true, or maybe not, but that is none of our business.So just stick to your knitting and take cover under your desk with Turner now owning you.

Just my two cents,

Marianne Paskowski:

To Marlene & Sod,

I truly understand your frustration, but be careful, Court TV of all nets, is now under the microscope, even changing its name. Keep the bigger picture in mind, I know exactly how you feel. This site shoud not be moderated.And let freedom ring and let the whiite dog sing, it's independence day, as some female vocalist once sang.
Just my two cents,


If you really want to see some first grade antics under the moderator called "freshwater", run over and look at the "Tara Grinstead" messsage board. I think it's now searched under Crime Library, as opposed to CourtTV, for whatever reason. This mod chick bans people right and left for no real reason that I've seen, and allows some of the riff-raff to use foul language, insulting comments, and OMG the SLANDER over there is unheard of. If I was any one of those guys they've been naming by name and saying they had affairs or whatever, I'd sue them big time and bring freshwater along for the ride. She's a cruel joke to CTV and CTV should be smart enough to see they need to show her the door.


Oh yeah, I agree with that too. I post over there regularly but I do see how Freshwater unfairly treats many of the posters. I've never been banned, so to speak, but she did put me on "posting probation" several times for just speaking my mind about something. Then she sent me a PM telling me to just agree with the popular POI of the week in the crime to make the site more interesting. Doesn't that hurt the case if people can't post what they believe? I thought this was true crime.....???

you have to know how that moderator operates in order to fully comprehend her moderator decisions. i personally know that she is a very needy individual and relies on other posters like myself to properly moderate her forum as one person could never do this alone. many claim reading private messages between posters is wrong but i say it just broadens your education of posters true motives and helps weed out the troublemakers. advertising plays a role i admit but who cares? if it makes money for the site then no real harm done. we are all in this for the money anyway.

Marianne Paskowski:

Thanx J, let's keep everyone honest.

Marianne Paskowski:

Ho;ld your ground, sorry to hear about the probatation. Small minds.

Marianne Paskowski:

I do not believe in moderators. Once this blog was, now no more.


The Real Shea:

Please accept my apologies for some insane person posting the last few comments from "Shea" and "readmylips." Someone is trying to play a childish game, and they think this type of internet play is fun. Meanwhile, a missing persons case is still ongoing and the tricks and games continue. These people are despicable. It has been going on for almost 2 years, and they will stop at nothing to harass anyone who doesn't follow their train of thought. I wish one of them had the decency to take it up with me personally instead of playing anonymous games on the internet at others' expense.

the REAL ReadMyLips:

Interesting conversation you have here about the pros and cons of moderated discussions. What happened in the midst of this discussion is a point driver for the need for moderation I think. People who post on the internet under the guise of a screenname are free to pose as whoever they wish, say whatever they want, etc., etc. In this particular case, someone posted on your blog using my CTV (CL) screenname, adopted my writing style from my posts on CTV/CL and then attempted to speak as me. It was clearly an effort to misrepresent me. How sad, how foolish, how childish. But it speaks to the need for a watchdog. I am a proponent for free speech but I am also a proponent for displaying intelligence, prudence, character and class. The internet is a childish game for some people. Sadly, this kind of behavior runs rampant in discussions that are centered around very serious subjects. CrimeLibrary is full of them. It's not just the random XXX posts that sneak in to blogs and discussion boards - it's this kind of intentional deceit that mandates some measure of moderation. The people at CTV/CL have their hands full dealing with people (and behaviors) like this. I don't envy them their jobs and I won't crucify them for doing something you couldn't pay me enough to do. I don't always agree with the way things are handled there but so what. If I disagreed with their policies to the level that some of these very vocal hatemongers do then I would just cease to participate in that forum. A simple solution. In closing I would like to say that it is unfortunate that your blog has been victimized this way but it sure did drive home the point. A bit ironic.


What is really sad is that Freshwater posts under another nic as well, FDInLaw, which makes her biases really known. She does ban left and right on personal bias, not subjective moderation-- been there done that, more than once. Yes, she does allow the namecalling, ganging up on, and everything else Shea spoke of go on for certain posters, but if you are one of the ones whose opinion is opposite hers, then you get slammed with infractions and eventually banned over idiotic stuff and you can be allowed to be called any and everything. Then, your IP address gets banned to even keep you from reading. I contacted courttv, to no avail of course. There is no freedom of speech here and it is all about bias at courttv's crimelibrary.... It's really pretty pathetic and sad to be such an analytical control freak you have to ruin everything just to get your personal digs in.....


thanks marianne for your comment about the mods and i agree to a point, but crimelibrary CTV is so different you just cannot imagine how bad it is over there. i have tried to help her moderate for a number of months to no avail, she is clueless as to the methods we need to use in order to keep the board clean and fair. i believe reading private messages and tracking ip numbers and hacking into email to a point is okay if it proves my point of the purpose of the board which is to bring in revenue. i do the same with my own forum and CTV should be no different. i am in it for the money and that is the end of the story. peace to you marianne.

the REAL ReadMyLips:

I still cannot believe this person is writing information on this blog and pretending to be me. Yes, I have hacked computers, and YES I have done some of the things they said, but nowhere near all of them. I think it is unfair because I stand for the truth and always have, despite my shortcomings everywhere else.


i like now freshwater gone because court tv gone too and this is good. freshwater not a fair person on banding peoples for not a reason.


Thanks for the laugh. . . I certainly am not Freshwater. I actually left the board for awhile do to FW. Very ironic that someone would think I was her. You don't see me over on her new board! :o)~

No mod is perfect. I'll leave it at that.

~ FD


The moderator at the new board is the same.
She sock puppets to rile everyone up and then bans them for commenting back and her sock puppets continue to live on another day.
She posts her rule of the moment and deletes it later so posters never know what her momentary snit is about.
She bans people for reporting her sock puppets and quips that people have reported the accusers reports too. As if.
She bans certain people for using altered curse words, but not others.
I think the moderator is using her children or grandchildren to take her place while she does whatever is she does. I hope she doesn't get paid to do this crap.

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