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Marianne Paskowski

‘Throw the Book at O.J.’

December 15, 2006 2:47 PM

In case you missed it, GSN, formerly the Game Show Network, launched another topical online game, “Throw the Book at O.J.” this week. The animated, viral game show features O.J. Simpson at a fictional book store for a signing of “If I Did It.” Players can pelt O.J. with books and earn points depending on how often they bump or bruise Simpson. And in this game, Simpson goes after the players by throwing footballs at them.

According to GSN spokeswoman Cindy Ronzoni, the game allows critics of the “ill-considered” O.J. project, “to do what a Los Angeles Criminal Jury refused to do,” by letting players literally throw the book at him. Remember, News Corp. killed its two-part TV O.J. special as well as his book.

GSN’s Ronzoni said the new game is the highest rated of its topical Internet games, averaging 1,000 plays a minute. And she also said that there has been absolutely no backlash from critics who hate to see O.J. get even more press and limelight. So check it out yourself at GSN.com.

And let me know what you think. Fun or bad taste?


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Comments (11)


This is pretty badly tasting too:


OJ? Simpson? Oh...

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Chris,
I'm usually pretty good at these games, but I couldn't get OJ to throw a football back at me. Maybe I'm not as nimble as I thought. Thanks for weighing in. Are you saying this is in bad taste? Sounds like. I can't make up my mind, and that is a rarity for me, usually having strong opinions on just about anything.


Jim Forkan:

Hi Marianne
I'd put this GSN game more in the "fun" column. O.J., Murdoch and Judith Regan's :If I Did It" TV and book project, on the other hand, was definitely in the "bad taste" column -- as is News Corp.'s latest book fiasco, a "reality fiction" book about Mickey Mantle.
To paraphrase a quote that Jay Leno once used on Hugh Grant, "What the hell were they thinking?"
By the way, I used to like O.J. as an athlete and media personality... before the murder case and subsequent "trial of the century."
Way back in the late '80s, I even interviewed O.J. on the phone for an Ad Age story on an animated sports superhero project that never got off the ground. This was before his show biz career collapsed. (Another sports figure involved in that ill-fated venture -- Pete Rose.)

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Jim,
Nice to hear from you and what I think you're really saying here is that OJ is fair game, given all the went down.And now he is an Internet game on GSN. Played the darn game again, between waiting for call backs and emails, and getting nothing but footballs. Oh well.

BTW, you're the only person I ever heard from who ever liked OJ. Thanx for sharing your story about his animated sports superhero project that never got off the ground. Well, now he has one, sort of, online.

Be well,

Jim Forkan:

Ahh, you've forgotten those early years when O.J. was running with his bags through the airport in those popular Hertz commercials, not driving on the freeway in his white Bronco. And he had some funny bits in those Leslie Nielsen Naked Gun flicks, years before Johnnie Cochran'g bit about "if it doesn't fit, you must acquit."

Marianne Paskowski:

Well Jim, I don't follow sports at all. Chick thing. I do, however, remember the OJ ads with him running through the airport. So what? That was then, today is today. And today he is the subject of probing questions. And everyone wants to make a buck from his ignomy. Including GSN. The spokesperson from GSN told me that OJ isn't making a nickel on this thing, they didn't ask his permission. So it's no different than Leno or any comic taking a swipe at a name in the headlines. Meanwhile, I must say, I'm semi-addicted to this game, which I play during my down time.Happy to report, my scores on this game are trending upward, almost 100 percent accuracy. I gather you're playing too? Thanks for the feedback.

Jeff Mulligan:

It's good clean fun, OJ style, so it looks fair to me. Seems like Judith Regan should be playing the game nonstop today!

Marianne Paskowski:

Yep, heard her publisher gave her her marching orders the other day. You could be right, maybe that's where Game Show Network is getting 1,000 plays a minute from, Judith Regan. thanks for checking it out.

Well folks, so far the vote says this is just fun and not in bad taste. Not too late to weigh in, have the feeling GSN will keep it up for awhile.


Marianne Paskowski:

Update. Not sure, but I think the game is gone. I can't find it. Tell me if you can. I cannot.


Thank You

Marianne Paskowski:

To Alex, Peat and Amanda,
Glad you enjoyed, promise will update more regularly, you know, the dog ate my homework, but I am juggling 4 gigs, but this is my fave.


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