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Marianne Paskowski

Big Apple ‘Big Stink’

January 9, 2007 8:25 PM

Well, can you believe, we still don’t know what the cause of the malodorous stench that sickened New York City residents yesterday was actually all about. But the news made national coverage impelling citizens there to call 911 and forcing NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg to later reassure, in a press conference, that everything was OK. That it wasn’t a terrorist attack. Oh? Who really knows?

Tonight, 36 hours later, national and local officials still don’t know what sickened denizens of Manhattan, sending some to emergency rooms and prompting commuter rails to be derailed. The media scurried looking for answers from officials who knew, and still don’t. New York blamed New Jersey and New Jersey blamed New York. But don’t blame the media. Reporters remain on the job, looking for answers that are not forthcoming.

So, TV comics Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien had a ball with this in their respective broadcasts Monday evening. I don’t find this funny at all. Do you? I just want some straight answers.


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Jeff Mulligan:

If we could link he Big Stink to politics in New jersey, it would all make sense. Evidently, it was a chemical leak in Jersey that caused the problem.

Frankly, I think Bloomberg did a decent job diffusing concern as best as possible by having the infrstructure checked as much as possible. Perhaps Bloomberg himself is the real story--the lack of stink, that is. As a government leader renowned for not letting politics get in the way of good government, he's a breath of fresh air in these highly politicized times.


Marianne Paskowski:

You are dead wrong. According to an AP report that I read just seconds ago, it was not, as suspected a chemical leak in New Jersey. Same report said that given the length of time that has elapsed, it's unlikely we'll ever know what happened.


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