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Marianne Paskowski

Saddam Hussein’s TV Hanging

January 2, 2007 6:55 PM

What did you think of TV’s coverage of Saddam Hussein’s hanging for all of us to behold in shock when we awakened from wherever, Dec. 30?

I was stunned to see it on CNN. I only saw, then, that the net was carrying footage of several executors wearing black masks, while putting the noose on Saddam. It made me cringe.

Since then, or so I hear, you can see the whole execution online, or more of it on various TV news-gathering organizations, if you choose to. I opted out. I’m sure all of the news honchos had some very difficult decisions to make here. But I remember the time, just awhile ago, when no news outlet would ever show coverage of any execution, especially of someone like Saddam Hussein’s importance, given the repercussions it could provoke.

Sure, I want to know. But not necessarily see. Unfortunately, I think the media mucked this story up and might have, inadvertently, made him even more of a hero for radical Muslims, by giving him so much world-wide TV coverage. Tough call.

But that’s just me. I also think he shouldn’t have been buried, where his grave will now become the new Mecca for radicals who want to blow us all up. Your thoughts? Please weigh in.


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I seem to remember before 9/11 there was an execution of a woman in an Afghanistan soccer field by the Taliban that was seen on TV - at least in a news report by a real reporter who risked being caught - not bootleg cell phone copy by an anonymous witness. Maybe that didn't count since it was a nameless person who wouldn't play soccer according to Taliban rules.

The entire thing was mucked not only by media but by the USA in handing Hussein over to the executioners and than picking up the body afterwords. That will get us in deep with making the brutal dictator a martyr and blame his death on the USA.

The trial should have been in the world court in The Hague for real justice without an execution but a forever stay in a small cell.

I feel bad for the media, they only survive on little morsels of desperate food that quickly disappear and they have to find new resources to report to get attention and nourishment.

The competition is tough these days and the media is no longer a cost center but needs to be another profit center for the corporation or we may not have any news to complain about. It is just a good thing that they didn't use the Arab traditional method of execution of chopping his head off for us to see.

Marianne Paskowski:

I couldn't agree more with you about Bush handing over Hussein over to the executioners. We had no business there in the first place and now this. What I really want to see from our media outlets, instead of what I have seen, is some straight from the hip reporting about how this whole administration ran amok in Iraq. Christ, can you believe, this county used to support Saddam for bringing some sort of peace to the U.S. But Bush blew that up. I'm not sorry to see the guy dead, just didn't like the way it was so left-footedly handled. Not a clue.


Jeff Mulligan:


You're blaming the media for reporting truths. They should have shown the entire cell phone video, hanging and all, to rub Americans' noses in the mess they created for the Arab world. Bush lying and mismanagement all the way down the line got us into this mess and keeps making it worse. But far, far too many Americans know not what their election decisions have created. If they did, the Democrats would wind up controlling at least 90% of Congress.

So, forget the tender sensibilities of Bush supporters still waiting for the "cakewalk" or the cowardice of media executives fearing a sponsor backlash above all. Americans should not be deceived by sanitized reporting of the crimes their very poor election judgments created.



I think that people have a right to know what happened, but there's a limit. I don't think there's a need to show every inch of the footage. They can always go online to see it if they want the details. I too opted not to look at it. In general, this is my issue with so much violent footage on televsion and in the world... people become desensitized. Look at all of us... every day we read about 20 more people killed by a car bomber. After a while, the loss of life doesn't matter as much. Specifically, regarding Hussein's hanging, I think tv should have held back on the gore. We all have good imaginations.

Marianne Paskowski:

I don't need to see a hanging to know it happened. Would you also like to see everyone waiting on death row, executed on TV.
Not me.

Marianne Paskowski:

I'm with you here. Thanks for reminding us all about desensitized TV can make us become. Every day more U.S. soldiers are killed in Iraq, and we've just come to expect that, numb to the mess we're in.



Sorry Marianne, I'm with Jeff. I like to see all the news that fits the screen. What's really cool is that this is the second big story in about eight weeks that was created by cell phone cameras. (First was Michael Richards' racist rant). Now we got to see the incredible antics surrounding Saddam's hanging. This is what's great about modern media. It ain't just about the New York Times and NBC anymore. (Thankfully)

What's next? Wow, I can't wait.

Marianne Paskowski:

Well, you know, I can wait. Think about the repercussions. We, the USA, made this jerk a victim. A martyr. A magnet for terrorists to come to Iraq.

Sure, I want to know the news, too.But I don't thing some rogue should be simulcasting this across the world. So I don't agree with you. Today there were unexplained gas leaks in New York and some hodunk town in Texas. Why can't we control anything, anymore.

What next,

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