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Marianne Paskowski

Anna Nicole Smith's Death: Shows to Follow

February 8, 2007 8:40 PM

Well, it’s been all over the news tonight that Anna Nicole Smith collapsed and died in a Florida casino at age 39. How sad, but fitting. Already, cable networks are readying the specials. Here’s the first I know about: A&E Networks’ owned Biography Channel, of all venues, is producing “Biography Remembers: Anna Nicole Smith.” It airs Feb. 10 (8 p.m. EST) on that channel. God, she’s not exactly in the same league of a leader, like JFK, special. But that’s TV today.

Oddly enough Anna Nicole was an icon of cable television and porn mags. She was the Playmate of the Year in 1993. She subsequently married some old geezer in Texas and got the Supreme Court to help her settle the estate, which she won. I guess in some respect, she was an idol to many women. She beat the system.

Then just recently her son died, mysterious circumstances, just months ago. Earlier she had bombed on cable network E’s “TheAnna Nicole Show,” with allegations flying that she was drugged, drunk or both. I kinda liked the show. I thought she was just out there and being herself. And personally, I like people who seem to be comfortable in their own skins. But now, I guess, she was not, given her early end.

In her passing, people are already comparing her to Marilyn Monroe. That’s a stretch. So are you going to watch this stuff? I think I’ll take a pass. Let’s talk.


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Jeff Mulligan:


Even Newton Minnow, who dubbed TV the "vast wasteland" decades ago, would be surprised at the Biography Channel's plans. Then again, cable TV makes broadcast fare---the monly TV technology in Minnow's day---look like scripture. Cable brought us the Ana Nicole Smith Show, after all.

Was Anna Nicole ever happy? That poor woman was desperate enough to marry a geeze, then had to fight to defend her gold-digging all the way to the Supreme Court (which, by the way, ruled on a jurisdictional matter only). Then she makes a fool of herself on her own show, solidifying her role as the crackpot dogged by paparazzi, cable TV reporters and other keepers of the Lowest Common Media Denominator. The real story about her is not her life so much as it is about America's degraded culture and fascination with her..



Yo, Anna Baby!

You checked out before we could have that date I've been dreaming about---soon as I win the Powerball! You've been a hero to all us slackers looking for the big-money score: wealth and fame on the cheap. But I learned the lesson you taught. I'll put it to use if I can find a rich gay guy about to kick the bucket but ready to tie the knot sans prenup in Massachusetts.

Cruisin not bruisin

Marianne Paskowski:

Oh Jeff,
Everything you said is spot on.But. Believe it or not, I feel really bad baout this. I only hope the heirs to her estate, whoever they might be, get residuals from the Bio Channel special.

TV can be so explotive. But I guess she set her elf up for this drama leading to her death. I thought she had talent. Too bad.

Thanks for your insight,

Marianne Paskowski:

Oy Cruiser,
You will get a bruisin up here. If your'e looking for dates here, wrong place. Go to harmony.com. (Others please correct me if I have the wrong url for online matchmaking )

Meanwhile, I'm glad to hear you liked her. She got so much bad ink, for a poor kid from Texas just trying to find her way. She had street sense. And it sounds like she had more fun than any of us will ever know. But how tragic.

Warmest from the Tundra,


Well a human being has died tragically and too soon because she never learned the lesson of her own life; everything has a price that must be paid even easy money and easy fame. I hope a man living in a big house in DC pays attention and learns something from this event.

Marianne Paskowski:


Amen. We are in the same pew.


West Coast Dave:

OHHHHHHHHH well.......ya can always send cruiser to San Francisco where he can hook up with the mayor there who seems to try and get in the pants of anything that moves? Tooooooooo bad about Ms Smith's passing.....had to ay tooooooooo bad since I used 9 consonants to say ohhhhhhhhh well.....really who cares? What good did she ever do for society ??Oh wait i forgot society in the USA and worldwide craves this crap......Why can't the news just report the muggings, rapes murders and the war and we can get back to "normal"??
Love to mankind...Go Obama Go.........ABH....anybody but Hilliary

Jim Forkan:

Hi Marianne
The death of Anna Nicole is sad but hardly shocking, given her longtime dependence on all sorts of drugs.
In her interviews on shows like "Entertainment Tonight," especially since her son's death last fall, she has been nearly incoherent at times, her speech slurred, her thoughts scrambled.
My guess is the cause of death will be an overabundance of drugs, probably prescription, and adverse reactions from combining those drugs.
Meanwhile, on the issue of paternity, hopefully the judge will reconsider and demand a DNA sample so parternity of her daughter will be settled. There are already four men who "could" be the father, according to various media reports. The test would at least stop that parade from proceeding and that part of the media circus to stop. Money sure makes people do strange things. I'm sure prospective fathers wouldn't be coming out of the woodwork if Anna Nicole were impoverished!
Jim Forkan

Marianne Paskowski:

West Coast Dave,

Well, I guess her contribution in life and death was that she distracted a nation that welcomed the diversion away from a country in distress.

Nice to hear from you,

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Jim,

I too think it was a toxic combo of prescribed meds. She must have been sick for awhile. How many celebs travel with private nurses?


West Coast Dave:

here we go again today weeks after Anna's going bye bye----

appellate court says body must stay in Florida for a bit longer??

Oh do we crave this or what hahahaha

Next step will be enshrinment in either Hollywood or Arkington National Cemetary???


Marianne Paskowski:

Hi West Coast,

Yeah, I know. She just won't go off the radar screen, nor will the judge. He's pondering a commentator's role at CBS, and her corpse is a jump ball. And so is the fate of her young daughter.

Don't think she'll get buried in Arlington. Been following the Obama/Clinton to-do. Clinton should fire her press secretary.


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