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Marianne Paskowski

Today's Guilt Trip

March 1, 2007 9:03 PM

Snuck out to Willy’s Gym this afternoon and eaves-dropped on a conversation between two know it all yuppies about how they were prepping to transist into the digital age. In my gym, small town, just about everybody knows everybody. Gladly I don’t know those two.

Natch, they had it all wrong. They have exactly the same problem I have: expanded basic, no set-top converter, so something needs to be done, I guess, before 2009, if it even happens. But I had dinner on my mind, after reading my colleague’s blog, “Mel’s Diner” on this website about the best mac n cheese. Check it out.

Sounded like they were both going to upgrade on Comcast for the full digital array of networks. The dude said, it was no problem, that Comcast would snake all wires up and down the walls for all sets. Huh! Dead wrong, macho man. Comcast, here, runs wires along your walls only, and if you wanna snake, you hire an electrician, or commandeer your husband to the task and hope he doesn't French fry the house. See another food analogy.

Could have. Should have. Didn’t tell them what I knew. But why bother? Sometimes listening is better than “stepping in it,” and you know what I mean if you have dogs, or guests who like to tell you what’s wrong with media. And, being the ace of procrastination, I must say it has its payoffs. Sometimes the problems just go away.

Could have told them to try to get a $40 rebate for a tuner that would fix all of their problems. But I didn’t, because the cutters of those checks probably don’t have enough money to go around for all. So why blow my own chances?

Now the guilt is setting in. Was I a lout, and mindless of community service, that I could have provided, if I didn’t have mac n cheese on my mind? After all I sit on the town’s cable and telecom advisory committee, pro bono. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe not.


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The 2009 digital transition is only another indication that TV as we know it will not survive. Kiss that archaic medium goodbye. Cable boxes, converters, adapters, etc will all fall by the wayside as we simply connect out computers to larger cheap monitors and run our "on demand" content when we want it in surround sound. Ads will be swirl around that content to get us to drift off and quickly purchase the latest fancy. The Internet will be the "Big" channel for all your information and entertainment needs. There will no longer be a need to wait for that "show" at the scheduled time. We will get it when we have time.

The networks better wake up to this change or their domains will disappear as new content providers find the new way of doing business in the digital age. Sorry to Luddite seniors who can't keep pace and sit in front of an old analog tube waiting for something to happen.

Computer networks are easy to setup now as compared to 10 years ago. Internet can be in any and every room a lot easier than TV cables and cable boxes. Already the youth are dropping the cable options and play games connected to the INTERNET in live simulations with players all around the world. By 2009 we will all be closer to a fully connect world, unless Bush keeps us tied up in wars.

Comcast and others will only provide us with the Internet unless they can make a simple interface to connect to the internet to provide content - but why? Nobody will want their stupid cable boxes.

Marianne Paskowski:

You are enlightened beyond the masses. What I want to do, and it doesn't matter if it interrupts my viewing patterns, is to see how the $40 rebate program program goes over,to get the rebate on the tuner.

Some people still don't even have cable. Others like me are happy as hell just with expanded basic.But because we don't have a settop converter, wewill need the tuner.

The hubs wants to upgrade to digital. I don't. I want to feel the pain of those who do not know what lies ahead and walk the the walk with them. I am not a masochist, just a pragmatiist.

And as a journo, I can't wait to hear the human outcry, when they smell the rancid coffee afoot.

Always great to hear from you,


West Coast Dave:

Dave suggests Direct TV satelite which he has converted to many months ( years?) ago... Turns out squirrels and all kinds of other animals interfere with cable as does the weather BUT the satelite signals are only momentarily disrupted when a storm goes by...
NO hassle about waiting for cable guys like Jim Carrey either as a phone call usually resets electronically the :box".... I had cable for years and for years the service just sucked.....I was once told we will be there within the next 7 days? That about did it...
Living in Earthquake country and soewmtimes nasty ( very rare) weather I can now just fire up my emergency electrical generator and have "satelite TV with a great signal and at a very comparitiver if not cheaper cost.....something to think about as you watch reruns of Seinfeld.....regards to all....

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Dave,

I've though about satellite often, but inertia always gets in the way. Guess the FCC is gonna force me to do something and pretty soon.



Yo, Blondie --

Get a life, do your workout, smile and talk about the weather, and don't butt in when macho men flaunt their ignorance. Nobody wants to hear from a smart ass unless your "advisory committee" can do something about it!

Cruisin' not bruisin'

Marianne Paskowski:


Well, I don't do weather. Like I said, I didn't "step into it." But you just did. The advisory committee is there, if people want to hear the message. Like I said, I wasn' t in the mood to yap.

I always love hearing from yo. Are you from a Red State?



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