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Marianne Paskowski

Filling Rosie's Big Shoes on 'The View'

May 31, 2007 3:24 PM

I’m wondering if Vegas oddsmakers are now taking bets on who ABC’s Barbara Walters and producers of “The View” will hire to replace Rosie O’Donnell who recently said adios to the popular morning talk show.

Personally, I won’t miss Rosie at all, finding her abrasive and a limelight grabber. There are some interesting names out there already. Roseanne Barr, who has publicly said she wants the gig, is the horse I’m betting on today. She’s funny, versatile has excellent timing and could do this job with one hand tied behind her back.

Other names that are being tossed around are Whoopi Goldberg and Bette Midler. Love them both, and it could be interesting to see either in the role. So let’s all give Barbara Walters our two cents worth and tell her whom we want to see in Rosie’s old perch.


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I agree about Rosie. From day one, I wondered how long she would last. She helped with ratings and brought buzz to the show, but she was often uncomfortable to watch. I also agree with you that Roseanne would be a great replacement.

Marianne Paskowski:

This is getting fun. Someone who didn't respond online voted for Pamela Anderson in an email to me. I don't think so.


Pam Anderson would add the much-needed cleavage perspective to The View. My God, the woman was married to Tommy Lee and nearly to that other strange, homely, skinny, stringy-haired so-called "rock star." Girlfriend, she's got stories the likes of which would make Kevin Martin sit up and make a decision...
Pamela Anderson!
Pamela Anderson!

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Cheekybroad,

Cleavage is always good, but brains are better, and I know you , and you have both. But Pamela Anderson? Oh Christ, that's probably the way it wil go. You have a better pulse on pop culture than I do. Don't think Barbara Walters will like your idea.



Jeff Mulligan:


Great choices on your part; all three are smart, witty, and show good sense to play the audience to the show's advantage. Your contributor's suggestion, Pamela Anderson, doesn't meet those criteria. But if that's the way The View wants to go, go all the way. How about Paris Hilton, who needs some honest work, or Lindsay Lohan, who can't remember through her stupors what work is all about?


Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Jeff,
Kinda like your idea about Paris Hilton, post jail. She needs to grow up and stop living of f her inheritance. Betty than Pamela Anderson. Come on guys, keep weighing in.

Best to all,


Yo, Blondie,

It's not Rosie's "big shoes," but her big mouth they've got to fill on The View. Rosie was great for ratings, so take the lesson. More louts like Rosie and nitwits like that dumb blonde Hasselback or whatever her name is. (You, sweetie, are a smart blonde!). Maybe rename the show to The Shrew. Lots of stupid prattle; maybe a mud-wrestling cat fight from time to time. Make an R-rated version for cable only, everyone nude. Call it Bloviating in the Buff.

Cruisin not Bruisin

Hi Marianne,

What "The View" needs is another Meredith - - a journalist by training with a warm personality that can open up just enough, but ultimately is there to help remind Joy and Elizabeth to support their "views" with facts, something Rosie never seemed to feel were necessary.

I think Roseanne Barr would be too close to another Rosie to last. Bette Midler, could be interesting, but again may be too left wing (don't really know) to last. Whoopi is better than Rosie, I've seen her with O'Reilly and it was interesting, but again -- I think you need someone in the political center, or at least capable of faking it.


Forrest Bray
(my blog name)

Marianne Paskowski:

Cruiser, always so great to hear about your over the edge comments. Those comments are exactly why you are not yet and will never be a producer. Good luck.

Marianne Paskowski:

Welcome to the discussion. I like your thoughts about another Meredith. However, the show needs a lightening rod.


Mr. Abernathy:

Dear Ms. Paskowski:

It's clear that cultural radicalism in the dyadic conflict model manifested by Ms. O'Donnel and her co-stars, analyzed in terms of the discrete series of bilateral colloquies differentiating participants (log-linear quantitative analysis justifies this construct) argues persuasively for replacing Ms. O'Donnel with Donald Trump in drag.

Mr. Abernathy

Marianne Paskowski:

Mr. Abernathy,
You lost me there beginning, but you do have a sense of humor. And yes "The Donald" needs a job. But not in that capacity.

Keep us cerebral,


Let's get this straight, Marianne. "The View" is supposed to be talk about current events. So ABC chose a bunch of half-wits moderated by an over-the-hill celebrity interviewer famous for lisped softball questions. Put some teeth into "View" with women who know what they're talking about, and give the audience something worth listening to. How about Madelein Albright and Condoleeza Rice (who will soon be out of a job, so she should quit her current job now)? Add Maya Angelou and Nadine Gordimer for cultural uplift. Or maybe Donna Brizile and Katrina vanden Heuvel from the left and Peggy Noonan and Linda Chavez from the right. Who lnows? The show just might be as good as C-SPAN!

Gone Gonzo

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Gonzoguy,

Love what you're saying and I hope Barbara Walters will somehow find your comments. But let's get real here. This is a show women who are homemakers or telecommuting watch.So let's Condi play her painao when she's out. Let Madelein do whatever and Maya and Nadine add to the body of literature. I have no comments about Noonan and Chavez. C-SPAN blows, accept for retired people who have nothing else to do.


The mission statement of The View was that women of different generations had unique points of view, and the interaction of these various perspectives would create both intelligent and entertaining discussions. Barbara Walters wanted the tone of the series to evolve out of her earlier experience working on Not For Women Only. The View connected with a wide variety of women because there were five co-hosts, each one representing a different decade (e.g. Lisa Ling was in her 20's, Star was in her 30's,Meredith was in her 40's, Joy was in her 50's, Barbara was in her 60's). Currently, there are no co-hosts between the ages of 28-58, which is the heart of the demographic the show should be reaching. There is also no diversity, which Lisa and Star added to the mix. I agree that a lightning rod is needed to spark the show, but there is a wide gap not being represented between the young mom and the aging baby boomer. Of the guest hosts I've seen, I think Audra McDonald would be a great add on--she's attractive, articulate, can sing, and is mixing a career in the arts with raising a family. Roseanne Barr would be a repeat experience of Rosie, and the program would face the same dilemnas a year from now.

The show sucked before Rosie, that's exactly why I never watched it. Now that Rosie is gone, I will no longer watch it. Elizabeth sucks!

Marianne Paskowski:

So David,
Why not Whoopi Goldberg?


Marianne Paskowski:


I kind of like Elizabeth, she kind of takes it all in and can be wry.

Thanks for chiming in,

Jim Forkan:

Hi Marianne
I'd vote Whoopi, with Roseanne and Bette as distant runnersup.
Rosie was too argumentative, and simply for the sake of of being argumentative -- and some of her views were wayyyyyyyy out there, on the Twin Towers, terrorism, etc. I knew that blowup would be her finale. She orchestrated that fight just so she could leave early and blame Elizabeth. (That was one of the few times Elizabeth fought back without breaking down. Since I don't actually watch the show, I'm basing this on segments shown later the same evening on shows like "Access Hollywood.")

P.S.: As for Paris, Lindsay, Britney, et al.: Ship 'em all off to Guantanamo, never to be heard from again!

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Jim,
I liked what David said about women from different generations and color talk about whatever. Clearly "The View" has strayed. I'm starting to wonder if Baba Wawa is up to the task at hand. It's a mess.



Ooh, I'd love to see Roseanne. I don't know why, but she makes me laugh. I think she'd be a fitting replacement for Rosie. Of course, I used to love Rosie back when she had her daytime talk show and was NICE to people.

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Kellmom,
Loved Roseanne best during your "dumestic godees" days.
God I hate to clean and so did she/does she. Saw some great shots of her recently, like she spent time with the Dalhi Lhama, no idea how to spell that, whatever. She seems to be a different and better person.

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