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Marianne Paskowski

Celebrity Justice: Paris Out of the Slammer

June 7, 2007 1:55 PM

Can’t say I’m surprised that celebrity heiress Paris Hilton is out of jail, serving only three days of her 23-day sentence. I’m surprised she was in for even one night. Now the 26-year old star of Fox’s reality series “The Simple Life,” has to stay at home for 40 days wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet, which probably came from Tiffany’s.

Oh the hardship of it all. Poor thing got out because of an “unspecified medical problem.” Well at least she’s home and presumably not driving while under the influence, nor set loose, for now, on the unsuspecting law abiding citizens of LA.

The good news is we won’t have to hear and see her travails in jail on the cable news nets for the next 20 days. The bad news is I’m sure some creative cable network will come up with a special about her short-lived stay in jail. After all, The Biography Channel whipped one up about Anna Nicole Smith shortly after she died. And don’t bother watching the news tonight. We might have lost another dozen soldiers in Iraq, but that news will be overshadowed by this ridiculous moment in a spoiled brat’s sensational life.

Why are we such voyeurs?


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We’re voyeurs because we’ve surrounded ourselves with video screens, which has reduced our attention span to that of a gnat. Paris is hot. What was I saying?

Marianne Paskowski:

Funny, I get sucked into all of this stuff, too. I will say, however, I am forcing myself to read books. Try it. Before the Inernet, I used to polish off a book a week, not any more.

Mary Horton:

Paris Hilton should have to serve her time like anyone else.She is a spoiled brat.
Maybe she will think twice before she goes out under the influence,endangering other people's lives,but I doubt it.

Fern Siegel:

Voyeurs? Not all of us. Sensational life? Liz Taylor she isn't. I know morality is elastic for the rich, but why did the judge compromise the rule of law? That's a story. Hilton said she was unhappy in prison, which is why, I expect, they call it prison, not Disneyland. Has she heard of Attica? As for a cable net cashing in on her short jail stay, what's there to say? Stupid blonde whines. Oops, I forgot, that is the nightly "E" story.

Marianne Paskowski:


Well she's back in and gonna change her life and find her spiritual self. Does anyone really think she will do 45 days?


Marianne Paskowski:

Back in and actually Barbara Walters got to her first, and not E! Meanwhile, back to my book.

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