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Marianne Paskowski

Containing Celebrity Leaks: Good Luck

June 26, 2007 12:55 PM

If you were an on-air TV news talent would you tell the gossip-filled New York Post before telling your employer that you secretly married in April and were now expecting twins in January?

I doubt it. But that’s what Nancy Grace, 47, did when she told the Post that tonight she would announce her big news on her CNN Headline News show and that she had not yet informed CNN of her happy news.

My pals in public relations say handling on-air “talent” is the most thankless part of their jobs, and that there’s just no way of stopping somebody who wants his or her name in the papers, prior to a company’s plans on making an announcement.

Just last month, Nancy Grace negotiated to opt out of her other gig on “Court TV,” telling the Post that she knew at that point something had to give, given her new life situation. Like most on-air talent, Grace also has her own personal publicist, in this case, purportedly, a former “Court TV” employee who is said to be friends with the Post’s reporter who got the leak.

So what’s next? Will the press-hungry Nancy Grace have her publicist shop around for first dibs on pix when the babies are born in January?


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I'm sorry, since when did anyone start caring about Nancy Grace, much less her reproducing? (ain't that a nasty thought.)

SHE should've gotten the eagerly-pursued and much-anticipated Paris Hilton interview! That way you could kill two birds with one stone when you change the channel!!!!

Irate Viewer:

Surely Marianne is displaying her dry wit by focusing on Nancy Grace's ethics in publicizing her "secret marriage." After all, the ill-named Ms. Grace has never resorted to good taste in any other media endeavor. The more pressing - and lurid - questions will probably go unanswered. Namely, how did that venomous windbag attract a mate in the first place? Wasn't the poor guy afraid of meeting the same post-connubial fate as a male praying mantis? And does anyone think it's a good idea for Nancy Grace to reproduce? This story belongs not in the NY Post or on CNN but on Discovery or even the Sci Fi Channel!

Marianne Paskowski:


I've met Nancy Grace in person and I liked her. I was just surprised at how she's going about handling her personal news. Via the New York Post.

Gotta be a better way,

Marianne Paskowski:


Nancy Grace is a magnet indeed for controversy. Personally, having met her and spent a little time with her, not much, I'm happy she is happy. Funny, in the Post, online today, no pic of the hubs.

Oh well,


MP: I am glad you like her. I am sure she is very nice. But we live in a world where Paris Hilton is Breaking News and second-tier cable hosts "leak" "news" about having babies...and papers write it. I guess that's where I'm coming from.

On the PR side, which is really where you're coming from, the fact that they got anyone to write it is impressive. (Of course it's the NY Post, sooooo.....) Her publicist is just doing her job. And whether or not she told the Post before Time Warner, I'm not so sure that's true. It makes her look more like a maverick by positioning it that way, but I am sure someone at CNN knew or was told simultaneously.

Marianne Paskowski:


Oh who knows, like you, I'm sure the folks at CNN just let her rip one on here own. Afterall, CNN is prepping for the much-awaited Paris Hilton interview:}Guess Nancy had to take matters into her own hands, if that's what she really did.

Be well, be swell,

Jeff Mulligan:


Nancy Grace gives us a pitiful does of egotism. But that's hardly surprising, given her egregious practice of injecting herself into her stories. Is she confused, thinking viewers tune into her show not to wallow in those hyped-up crime stories, but to watch Nancy even if she's just reading from the phone book?

Her materinity leave can't come soon enough.

As for the PR aspects, the bigger the client ego, the tougher the client to manage. Comes with the territory.



Yo, Blondie --

Nancy Grace must be trying to compete with Paris Hilton, without having to do the reckless driving and video porn capers. And who did she marry? Someone she has to keep in the closet since April?

CNN probably loves the chatter over Nancy's eccentricities. Perfect complement to the avuncular Larry King sympathetically interviewing Paris Hilton.

What's Paula Zahn planning?

Cruisin not bruisin

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Jeff,

I was off doing something else, but I later saw the call ins, tonight to Nancy's Grace's show on CNN Headline News, after she had announced her personal news.

Say what you will, but she has her fans. All congratulating her, while sharing stories about crime victims, the families of the deceased. But who knows who screens this stuff?

Apparently, you are not a fan. I guess I'm neutral on this whole thing.



I'd go bonkers too and pull crazy PR stunts, too, if I had to share adjacency on the same network with that wingnut, Glen Beck.

Marianne Paskowski:


Ms. Grace married her college boyfriend. No pix of him in the New York Post. BTW, Paula Zahn is getting a divorce and I'm sure her story will pop up somewhere.


Marianne Paskowski:


I agre with you, and I seldom do, but if I were Nancy Grace, I'd pull the same stuff, and boost ratings while that idiot Paris Hilton is doing an exclusive with softball Larry King the next day. Maybe I need you to be my PR guy.


Nancy Grace's program may be the most brutal airing today... the fact that she is pregnant means months of a Fill In Host during her maternity leave, which is a plus...

Unfortunately, they're looking at Paris Hilton for the job...

(I may have made that up... but it makes a certain sort of sense, doesn't it?)


Marianne Paskowski:


Saw Nancy's show last night, and already she seems less caustic.


Marianne Paskowski:

With all politeness here, so what.I write about TV, if this person has a show on BET or MTV, tell me about it. Otherwise for now, this is the end of my string with you.

Nancy Grace is in absolute panic-mode Thursday August 9th, and has her defense attorneys trying to get one of the many lawsuits filed or yet to be filed against Grace thrown out of court. No official response by the court, but it is expected to respond sometime next week on Grace's teary-eyed cry for leniency. Perhaps Nancy should have thought about these problems before she may have incited a suicide against a non-convicted, non-stable, psychologically-distraught young mother of a missing young child.


Nancy Grace really screwed up again on her Monday September 10th show. This time, again, she was corrected on some facet of her inaccuracies by every single guest on the show tonight. By every single guest! While this seems alarming to those who remain un-informed about Predator Grace, it just happens to be more of the same-old same-old from this fraud. Who knows, perhaps there will come a day in the future when Nancy can complete the taping of a show without any inaccuracies by her in it. While it has not happened yet, maybe with some strict coaching Nancy may someday actually be able to provide a show with no violations of the Law by her and no harm that she inflicts upon victims of crime. Who knows? It could eventually happen. Most likely though, she will long have been removed from that show before it ever occurs, just like she was fired from Court-TV. Which was just after Court-TV reduced her air-time on two separate occasions all within six weeks. With her continued problems at CNN with her difficulties with her alcoholism, it is highly probable that CNN will revamp the show and replace it with a show that would be seen as credible. Typically, drunks like Nancy do eventually fall from grace. Her having multiple lawsuits against her right now in both state and federal courts may be the indicator where she gets kicked off television completely, just like when she was thrown out of Atlanta years ago and they removed her ability to ever practice Law anymore anywhere within any of the 50 states of the United States. Anyone read if DCF completed their investigation of Predator Grace regarding her twins yet?


Nancy Grace the idiot on TV who thinks she all that days are coming to an end. With her ratings in the tiolet and her attitude still all about her
the fall will be swift when it happens. Well when she falls theres no going back to the law since they took that lincense and stuck a perminate ban in all 50 states on it. Yes the BITCH will fall
and I can just see her suing CNN for firing her for being a psycho BITCH.

jbaers1185@hotmail.com :

I saw this cool post from Michelle from Madison where she hit the nail on the head in this post.
“Not only was Nancy drinking all the time, she was even photographed drinking while she was pregnant, and she even was opening up her Bud Lights while on the air while she was pregnant and doing her show recently. Plus, she took a ton of fertility-medications in order to get pregnant. For someone that old, she’s almost 50, that alone could result in catastrophic complications for those poor little victim-twins. If her alcoholism-problems were not enough, Nancy subjected those twins to the possible complications of those medications, plus her repeated hospital visits were reportedly due to complications consistent with old-mothers, and drug and alcohol abuse. Finally, when the hospital forcibly ripped those twins away from her, it was clearly the signs and symptoms of her documented problems with both drugs and alcohol. Hopefully her file has been sent over to the Prosecutor’s office for review for possible criminal charges.”

A post from Angela Haggert:

I read on some website that Nancy Grace was convicted on a high-court misdemeanor and ordered to pay out millions of dollars for her irrational and illegal actions she perpetrated against a distraught mother of a missing child who later committed suicide as a direct result of Nancy’s law violations. CNN and Nancy have worked hard to cover up those facts and it remains some of the reasons why Nancy is never allowed to appear on any television show of CNN without at least one of her Psychologists or Psychiatrists present to help Nancy deal with her documented psychological problems that Nancy says she has to remain on medications for, for the rest of her life. Is that why Nancy can still not be left alone with either of her two children? Is it because of the propensity and potential toxicity of Nancy’s meds, or is it because Nancy may become violatile again and harm the children?

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