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Marianne Paskowski

New GSN Prez Already in the Wings

July 12, 2007 12:57 PM

As early as next week a new GSN president could be announced, according to Rich Cronin who is leaving that post which he held for six years to start his own next chapter at month’s end. According to Cronin, parent companies Liberty Media Holdings and Sony Pictures Entertainment have picked a new top honcho who will start Aug. 1.

Cronin, who was not part of the hiring decision, said the new prez is not from GSN but is an outsider who he has already been working with during the transition. Cronin describes his own parting as amicable and plans to stay in the media business, after taking off the month of August to spend time with his four kids.

“I love media and I love to work. And I’m bad at golf and don’t fish,” said the 52 year old departing gagster. Already, he said, since his July 10 announcement, he’s had calls from five headhunters and prelim chats about three possible new gigs.

Cronin, who presently lives on the left coast said he would relocate for the right fit. So, folks who’s gonna be the new GSN prez? Cronin isn’t spilling. And, BTW, if you’re planning a party for him, he loves pinatas.


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Pity GSN couldn't wait a year and a half. "W" will need a job, he's affable, and could get you those 15 million additional homes faster than a Texas brush-clearing. And he's great at playing game!


Yo, Blondie --

A seasoned prexy on the loose who, if hired, won't want to spend his "cash-in years" on the golf course or fishing?

Get my board chairman on the phone!

Cruisin not bruisin

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Coax,
This was Rich Cronin's choice. He sure needs those subs and not the headaches of dual ownership, Liberty and Sony. But he made a bundle and he will resurface.

Thanks for the post,

Marianne Paskowski:

Yo Cruiser,

Cronin is only 52 and has some tread on his tires. He'll chill and be back.

As always, I never know what to say to you, but thanks for posting.


Marianne Paskowski:

Expect to read this soon: Cronin's replacement will come from the Liberty side of the family. Nobody knows much about him, but the move indicates that Liberty might be intent on buying out Sony's half partnership. I know the guy's name, but it means nothing to me.

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