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Marianne Paskowski

2007: The Year of Al Gore?

September 17, 2007 11:22 AM

The stars are certainly shining on former Vice President Al Gore. Last night he and his Current TV won an Emmy for interactive television. Current, available on cable and satellite services here, is a two-way network that combines user-generated content and original productions, aimed at giving viewers a soapbox to air their views.

Gore’s Emmy victory came just six months after he won an Oscar for his documentary feature “An Inconvenient Truth,” which is about how just real global warning is, and not a myth.

Gore, who lost his run for president in 2000, has repeatedly declared that he will not enter the presidential race for 2008. I’m hoping he has a change of heart. It’s still early in the game, and I think he could pull it off this go-round. Do you?


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Gore/Obama 2008:

Their is nobody with more experience, ready to fight the good fight, and intelligent enough to resurrect this country from our current debacle, than Mr. Albert Gore. If these political down years have shown one thing, it is that Mr. Gore is dedicated for the greater good even after it seems his political career is over. Mr. Quayle or Mr. Cheney, any comments. They will and have retired to a life of excessive spending. Take a cue from Mr. Gore, excuse me, I mean former but not aknowledged President Gore, and I end with three words



Marianne Paskowski:


Whoever you are you are very smart, you agree with me:} As yes, the 2000 election was stolen from Al Gore. I have the deepest respect at how he is living his public live.

Thanks for the post,

Dinah Kudatsky:

Al Gore is miles and years ahead of everyone. Why are visionaries treated so badly? To have come through the stolen election and the years in the wilderness has only made him stronger and more resolutely himself. But we have been in the wilderness ourselves!

Al Gore has persevered to lead another day. He has all the qualities of greatness: Courage. Tenacity. Vision. Curiosity. Discernment. Humility. Spirituality. Honor. Openness. Compassion. Not to mention experience! If anything, Al Gore is the only person who may be OVER-qualified to be president - not that we'd hold it against him!

President Gore 2008
Back to the future!

Marianne Paskowski:


You state his case so well, a woman of my mind. Gore could win. I don't feel really swell about the Democrats right now.

Thanks for your thoughtful post,

Jesse Chavarria:

Please Mr. Gore, run for president and win! The country needs you. Mr. Bush has made a complete mess of things. Here's an idea: Name Bill Clinton as your running mate. Gore-Clinton in 2008! Talk about a winning ticket.

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for the post. Yep, that Gore/Bill Clinton ticket could be a winner. Don't know if it's legal.Bill was the president, but I don't think his wife has a chance. So instead, I say Gore and Obama. We need Gore, look at all the good he did. Obama is great, but junior, but very promising.


While I would love for him to be president, I think he can do more to save the world from the effects of global warming as a private citizen. And if Bill ends up as First Gentleman, then he will have him as an an even bigger ally in probably our most important worldwide concern.

chris johnnie:

I still a Gore Supporter because he is my role-model, there is noone that is running on the democratic other than edwards, that i like, we would love GORE 2008. GORE/EDWARDS TICKET, LIKE CLINTON/GORE 1992. The Man has fixed his house up in the country and in his own state, its time we give him a shot. It was stolen from him, and he will always be my role-model, NOW U SEE WHO WAS TELLING THE TRUTH AND WHO WAS TELLING THE LIE, WE HAVE HIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE THE LIAR, WHERE IS HONESTY, DIGINIT, AND MORAL OF BUSH 2000, LOST BY PRIDE, MONEY AND POWER, GIVE GORE A CHANCE, HE WON THE ELECTION, BUT IT WAS STOLEN FROM HIM AND EIGHT EIGHTS WE THE PEOPLE IS STRUGGLEING TO MAKE ENDS MEET, BECAUSE OF THE DEVILS IN THE WHITE HOUSE WHERE MONEY, POWER, AND PRIDE IS ALL THEY THINK ABOUT.

Mrs G:

I'm not even a US citizen and I'm keen for Al Gore to run for President. Can you imagine if he did? There would surely be no way to rob him of this presidency the way Team Bush robbed him of the last one. America - and indeed the rest of the world - need a man like Al Gore in the White House.

GORE 08! Bring it on!

Bruce Little:


National Milestone Reached in Growing Grassroots Movement

BOSTON, Massachusetts—September 13, 2007—They are teachers and students, scientists and doctors, secretaries and CEOs, store clerks and store owners, factory workers and artists. They represent every demographic group and every geographic region in the country. They are everyday Americans, from coast to coast and across the political spectrum—Democrats, Independents, Republicans, conservatives, liberals, moderates. And they have two things in common: They have become involved in the political process (many for the first time), and they want Al Gore to run in the 2008 presidential election.

And, as of September 2007, the grassroots effort of these thousands of individuals has reached a milestone: They have joined together as a nationwide coalition—America for Gore.

America for Gore encompasses all the major and minor groups within the movement whose goal is to persuade Al Gore to run for president. Among the groups in the coalition are DraftGore.com, AlGore.org, Netroots for Gore, GoreHub.com, AlGore08 MySpace, Draft Gore Facebook groups, GoreforPresidentNow.com, Goreganic.com, RunDammit.com, RunGoreRun.com, and the Al Gore Support Center, as well as hundreds of Draft Gore meetups and groups nationwide. While the groups will continue to focus on their individual strategies, they will also be working together on important initiatives by sharing information, exchanging ideas, and mobilizing their members to help other groups within the coalition.

The America for Gore coalition is launching a new website—www.AmericaforGore.org—to establish a central location on the web for the coordination of this grassroots effort. America for Gore is not replacing existing websites, groups, and blogs. The individual websites of each organization will continue to exist as before, but the new coalition website will keep group members and the public informed and will act as a portal, directing Gore supporterr to the member sites so the can become involved in the many different facets of the Draft Gore movement.

Members of the coalition cite Gore's unmatched political experience (eight years each in Congress, the Senate, and as Vice President), the fact that he won the popular vote in 2000, his early and outspoken opposition to the war in Iraq, and his commitment to solving the climate crisis as core strengths of a potential candidacy in 2008.

The formation of this coalition signals a significant increase in the sophistication of the Draft Gore movement as well as in the powers of coordination, recruitment, and influence of the movement.

By coordinating their activities, the groups hope to extend their reach, recruit more members, and increase their impact on the public's and the media's perception of Al Gore's viability as a candidate.

Marianne Paskowski:


I doubt Bill will wind up as first gentleman. Hillary is a great candidate, but I doubt this country is willing to accept a woman president.


Marianne Paskowski:


Thanks for the post. Gore has repeatedly said he would not run again. Can say I blame him for not wanting to clear up Bush's mess.


Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Mrs. G.,

Spent in hours the car today listening to NPR and learned the Republicans who had agreed long ago to a debate on PBS with a black commentator, have now backed down. That ticks me off.


Marianne Paskowski:


Thanks for sharing this info. Had no idea.


Marianne Paskowski:

And since I first posted he shared a Nobel prize. Talk about boxing a Trifecta.

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