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Marianne Paskowski

A Modern Version of Sartre's 'No Exit'

September 28, 2007 1:30 PM

It’s been more than a week since I had my brush, or should I say blows, with technology, forced to upgrade my mobile phone while on the road to New York for Diversity Week. In the course of three visits, totaling five hours, plus several phone calls to Verizon Wireless, I got a phone that worked, but managed to wipe out my husband’s while he was stuck in a conference in Pittsburgh and remained unknowingly unwired.

That meant once back home this week, another trip to Verizon was required to straighten out the whole mess because Verizon gave me his number and not mine. And of course Verizon had to order the phone I wanted and ship it here, which meant a self-install over the phone—another 40 minutes.

Am I wrong to whine about this?

Heck no, I bought the dumbest phone I could find. So I will not be taking your picture or subjecting you, if you’re sitting next to me on a train, to mindless two-minute video segments.

So on to tackle the next technology quandary, bracing myself for a call to Verizon Broadband. I’ve had no access to e-mail for 36 hours plus, and get in via a “work-around” as Verizon and its e-mail partner fix the mess.

So off to my own passage to India.


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