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Marianne Paskowski

MTV's Ratings Swell With Spears

September 12, 2007 1:45 PM

No, I did not watch Britney Spears on MTV’s Video Awards show last Sunday. No need to. The countless, postpartum reviews on her performance were excruciating.

As predicted earlier in this space, she made the needle move for MTV, attracting 7.1 million viewers, which is a 23 percent ratings hike over last year’s show.

MTV must be thrilled over the ratings, but I’m sure Spears feels savaged by the reviews. What were her agent and handlers thinking? You don’t put an out of shape woman in a sequined bikini on stage and not expect the worst. The poor thing probably wouldn’t have been so shaky, given all that she’s gone through in rehab, if she wasn’t wearing that ridiculous get up.

But maybe something good came out of this for young female viewers. For once they weren’t exposed to an anorexic creation of Hollywood, but a real woman, with real problems, who gave birth to two children and is trying to make her comeback.

Was there a lesson here?


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