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Marianne Paskowski

There’s No Escaping Britney Spears

September 7, 2007 1:46 PM

Marianne PaskowskiAlmost made it through a whole week without hearing a single word about the perils and antics of Britney Spears. But that ended today when I read that the publicity-hungry bad girl will be opening MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sunday.

Couldn’t MTV find somebody else who would be a better role model for young viewers?

Maybe this is exactly what Britney needs, a boost for her career that will get her back on track. She’ll be performing a number from her soon-to-be-released album at that televised event, and I’m sure she’ll want to look good for the cameras and not go off on some crazed binge. Personally, I won’t be watching.

I can’t even remember if she’s the one who shaved her head. Is she? Whatever, I predict tune-in could be high, given the nation’s morbid fascination with the denizens of Hollywood.


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So Marianne,

Where did you get the idea that MTV is in the business of promoting role models? As programming strategies go, that would be close to suicidal. Come to think of it, even if that was the goal, which popular performer would even qualify? The way these things work these days, if Britney can make it thru her number while standing upright and with no projectile vomiting while a registered nurse cares for her babies in the front row, then, heaven help us,she's well on the road to show biz rehabilitation.


Jim Forkan :

Hi Marianne,
No doubt there'll be big tune-in. Everyone wants to see this train wreck. It's doubtful, but I may watch.
We're not in MTV's demo, of course, so I'm sure they could care less. They're wondering why the VMAs' falling ratings, but the caliber of the VMAs has been going steadily downhill -- along with the caliber of the musical "talent." Hopefully, Britney's 15 minutes are nearly up. Maybe she'll take a lot of others with her to oblivion.
Too bad Amy Winehouse won't be there. She and Britney coulda done a duet on Amy's hit "Rehab" -- with Paris, Lindsay, Nicole, et al singing backup.


OH....just leave the girl alone. In general, people should focus more on themsleves..start with judgement there, instead of a pop icon that none of "us" even know.

Marianne Paskowski:


I think David Bowie is still alive. He would be a good role model, tho long of tooth. He was a hellion, later reformed, but did a hell of a lot of good stuff, post 9//11.

Thanks for your infinite wisdom, I remain an idealist.


Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Jim,
I hope she's not a train wreck. But what I mostly hope is that MTV doesn't want her to be one. Is that a bee in the bonnet?


Marianne Paskowski:


I couldn't disagree with you more. She's gonna succeed or win, and either way MTV will make a lot of money on her name. Is this good? I hope so for her, but mostly her children.

Thanks for the post,


Just stumbled upon this page and felt the need to comment. Role model? No. Train wreck? No. How many times has Liza Minnelli fallen off the wagon, only to come back stronger than ever? The Stone Temple Pilots Scott Weiland, he cleaned himself up and came back with Velvet Revolver. And good God, look at Courtney Love. She is the biggest train wreck ever, and she too is attempting to clean up her act. So what makes Britney so different? Her children? Kevin Federline? Unfortunately she has made mistakes, who of us hasn't?, and the pap have been there every step of the way. I think she deserves a second chance, which quite frankly no one has really given her yet. She has been dubbed a bad mother, crazy, untalented, addicted, and a whore. Who wouldn't go crazy with that? With all this rambling said, I honestly think that if she does succeed with a "comeback", people should be happy for her. She's been through a lot, and maybe this is what she needs to be "Britney" again. And quite honestly it takes a lot of courage to try and attempt a comeback on live TV when the majority of the world wants to see her fail. I'm watching and rooting for her come Sunday on the VMA's.


With all due respect, I think I speak for the entire heterosexual male species in saying that there is no woman hotter, sexier, or more desirable than Britney Spears.

Not even Jessica Alba, or Scarlett Johansson. I mean, we had to up with an entire year of Christina Aguilera last year, with her "Back to Basics" crap, and trying to be all sexy, when she will never be nearly as easy on the eyes as Miss Spears.

Every guy in the world wants to jump Britney's bones, including myself, so all you ladies out there are just jealous because you will never be nearly as hot as her.

With Brit's all-conquering comeback, all you women better get a leash for your boyfriends/husbands!!

nick faulkner:

People are so judgemental peroid. Everyone says they disike star's , but inside everyone wishes they were one. I mean you might start freaking out a little if you had 10,000 cameras in your face every minute, and people just out for your money, and to screw you in the process. Britney Spears is way more talented and smart than people think. If you just watch her on stage you cant say she's not amazing, and she will be amazing on sun night on the vma's. She's beautiful and one of the biggest star's in the world. So how many people can you say that about, when there's soo many boring and unatractive people in this world. So deal with it haters.....


yo everyone leave britney spears alone shes the hottest human being in existence right now so yall are juss jealous....


i'm so sorry for that kind of people who are in the earth jut to juge other people's life. I really hope she make a wonderful preformance, and she will. she is just honest with all the people who is always behind her. she's a human been, remenmer that, because we forget that sometimes.

britney spears, like others, are not here to be a role model, she is an artist. anyway, live the girl along.


the bad thing about britney's situation is that MTV is using her to recover all the money and rating that they have been losing since she is not in the show. and i HOPE she use them too. we are watting for this.


You Know...People now days believe anything that a magazine tells them. Not one time has Britney Spears came out and said "I need help cause I'm a bad mom". This woman is very successfull and its because of her looks and her skill to go far in life...I have admired her since she came out. Most people who judge couldn't even walk a second in her shoes...And I know some of the things she's done she didn't have to do...but people she's a grown woman!!! She can do what she pleases!!! Most females hate her because she's so famous and pretty and they're not her. MOST people are not able to even attempt to make another cd after being draged through the dirt while going through a divorce to a man that she thought was going to love her forever. If you watch pass films with Kevin in it...You can see that she loved him very much...She just didn't try hard enough to save her marriage. Maybe Kevin loved her too...We'll never know but I think they gave up to fast on their life together. Anyway...I'm hoping Britney does it big at the VMA'S and wipes the dirt in everyone's face for trying to hurt her!!! I LOVE YOU Britney!!!


shit to all who judge other people... shit to those who beliv what stupid people think, before you judge britney and tell awful things about her take a look at yourself... you think your good or even better! then why are you still there... exactly a piece of shit that you are! britney is not the best but she is strong... she stands up after falling too hard and nobody in this world could have gone through what she has... if you think your way better then why arent you a star? because you dont have what it takes to be one!!!!! so for those who say shit about other people... GOD BLESS! you need it more than anybody does in this world! and for BRITNEY--> be strong, fight... GOD WILL BLESS those who humble themselves...

You all write as if you know her.

Really, these people who entertain us, aren't they just the modern-day versions of the court jester?

Why do we care what happens to them when they aren't doing their jobs?

For all I care, there could be a team of technicians that removes Brit-bot from her packaging ten minutes before a performance and then packs her back in those styrofoam peanuts until the next time.

Then the time and resources spent on her personal life could be used, perhaps, to cover a failed war or a tanking economy -- wait, did you just fall asleep?

These are important issues! Wake up!

Marianne Paskowski:

To all of the latest posters:

Didn't I say that this is a chance for her to get back on the right track?

I can imagine that being in the spotlight is not easy, but I doubt any of you are walking in her shoes. She's young and we all live with our mistakes. I'm older, and still making them.

Thanks to all,

Marianne Paskowski:


If I wrote about what happened on Wall Street last Friday, a dip because of rising unemployment and a possible recession pending, or say Osama's new tape, right before the anniversary of 9/11, I would get no responses. People don't want to hear it. They want to escape to a world of Britney, who cannot personally harm them or their families.

Thanks for the post,


Not watching, Marianne??? I don't believe it. With everything else going on Sunday evening, you're still talking about Britney.

Marianne Paskowski:

Trust me, I won't. Part of the deal here if for me to be interactive and respond back to as many of you as I can. That's all. Actually, I'm gonna watch the Dems debate and whatever.


west coast Dave:

Brit is still HOT for havin' 2 kids...

Chunky yes but built now for comfort and not for speed anymore...

The yahoo men she had before didn't do her right...either as men or fathers...

Oh if I were only 27 again haha

She will not self destruct.....I hope.....


Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Dave,
Thanks for "weighing" in.


Mary Ann Winck:

Those of you in the media would STOP reporting on Ms. Spears maybe JUST maybe she would GO AWAY!!!

Marianne Paskowski:

Mary Ann

Why should she?


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