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Marianne Paskowski

Another Reason to Go to Blockbuster

October 23, 2007 1:11 PM

I’m now boycotting movie theaters owned by CineMedia because they air 20 minutes of commercials before show time, and I’m not counting the trailers for upcoming films that are in themselves annoying enough.

So we went to the opening of George Clooney’s new flick “Michael Clayton,” which was appearing at a Regal Cinema—owned by CineMedia. We got there early wanting to get good seats and were subjected to the longest pod on the planet. It was sooo long that one moviegoer, me, screamed out, “Enough already,” and I got a round of applause.

We didn’t pay to watch commercials -- how sneaky.

According to Advertising Age, the Cinema Ad Council reported that ad spending in theaters was up 15 percent in 2006 to $455.6 million. That’s one statistic I unfortunately believe.

Blockbuster, here I come.


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So Marianne you're complaining about what? The ads or the price of your ticket? Blockbusters? They're dying in my area. Eventually cable will die as well. I forsee a future when you will be able to watch first run movies on your super giant flat screen in your own home for less than the price of a movie ticket today. Let's face it no one except kids on dates looking for a place away from mom and dad's prying eyes goes to the movies anymore. With the advent of cable premium channels and on-demand features everybody is watching their movies on cable so even Blockbuster is feeling the pinch. Theatres have to make a buck somehow so is it really surprising that they have gone to advertising? Without advertising I suspect movie tickets would soon be as expensive as those for a Broadway play. As for me, and I suspect you as well, I think I'll go watch my radio....in black and white of course.

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Shady,

Going out to watch a movie is becoming an inconvenience. But we, Bob and me, still have movie and dinner dates, and you know we're not teens.

The best part about seeing a movie with other people is to hear what they're saying when they leave. That's what it's become.

Oh, and I only do radio in the car. I love Blockbuster, I can call in advance to reserve and it's convenient, right next door to the gym.

Don't count out Blockbuster yet. However, don't but the stock.

Thanks for the post,


I share your pain! It's getting way out of hand!!
For the record, CineMedia is a theatre owned cinema programming company which is jointly owned by both AMC Theatres and the Regal Entertainment Group. (Advertising, by the way, is only one of three areas they are focusing on in an effort to leverage the assets of movie theatres.) So if you're going to boycott movie theatres, you'll need to include AMC Theatres in addition to Regal Entertainment Group.
Hello Netflix!

Marianne Paskowski:

Think you might have this a little backwards. I read CineMedia owns Regal. CineMedia also owns Cinemark, another theater chain, I think, according to the Ad Age article I cited in my posting.

But, Dave, thanks for your post. It's like watching the World Series tonight. I would rather be here in my den watching the game on TV and catching it all on Cape Cod, rather than being at Boston's Fenway. That's how I'm starting to feel about theatrical releases.


PS: My fun of the day was buying a Garmin from Best Buy in Hyannis and just plugging it in on the way home to East Orleans. I got the Nuvi 350, so transparent and easy, even I could do it. Want all my tech friends out there to know that. So proud today.

Dear Marianne,

Thank you. This exchange is hilarious. I have been laughing out loud about it for two days.



Is there a history?

She's not some random person who dropped in and left a crude remark without knowing that if there is anyone undeserving of that crude remark it is you?

(That was a grammtically mangled compliment.)

Marianne Paskowski:

No idea who she is or why she has this blind faith in Wikipedia that can't even supply the correct information about me!

I'm sure your students must really be impressed with this latest round of so-called citizen journalism.

Be well,

Marianne...Good thing I just checked your blog. I was going to have my Internet Com students read and comment upon the exchange between you and Lisa Marie. Alas, I see you have erased Lisa Marie altogether.

Probably what she deserved.

Too bad, though. You would have gotten 24 new readers, all with a comment. Instead we're going to study the Web site for the US President in class today.

Come join us sometime.

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Cory,

Kind of felt like A&E stopping production of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" over the N Word.

I did ask for her remarks to be erased. We simply don't use the C word up here. So don't dismiss the topic out of hands for your students. These are some of the tough journalistic calls you have to make in the electronic news space.

And I will take you up on your offer, learned a lot doing this crazy assignment.


Lisa Marie:

Thanks Marianne!

I see you can't take criticism of yourself! Its not the fact that I care about what subject you write about, just be accuarate about your articles, and not talk down to people who have accurate information to add. Even though it seems you want to call yourself a journalist, it seems that you should be writting speaches for the president. The "I have something I want to say, and no matter what the facts are, I will just put it out as facts!" Well, that's gotten us a long way in the world today...Just seems to lean towards a chatty housewife that just wants to gossip alot about nothing...And the assignment you had must have been tough...you know, standing in line at blockbuster and all..Since you don't like the "C" word, I will leave you with the "B" word.....

Hugs and Kisses

Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie:

Also, I looked you up on Wikipedia....You don't seem to be there......? Hmm, maybe you should work for FOX News...They seem good at making stuff up?

Loves Ya!

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