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Marianne Paskowski

More Layoffs Hit Court TV

November 14, 2007 1:09 PM

Or maybe I should say what will be left of it as it morphs into truTV, a moniker that still doesn’t resonate with me at all.

As part of the ongoing repositioning of Court TV to truTV come January, the net has laid off 16 of the 31 staffers in New York who had worked on the Court TV Web site.

The site, too, will be rebranded truTV.com, but the trial coverage now there will move to a new section of CNN.com, called CNN.com/crime, and will be handled out of Atlanta, according to published reports.

If any of this makes any sense to you, let me know. I liked Court TV just the way it was. Sure, I get that you can’t program a network day in and day out unless there are headlines grabbing trials like OJ Simpson. And sure all of the cable news networks, including Court TV sibling CNN cover the big trials during the daytime.

Court TV’s rabid core base of trial junkies will likely again feel shortchanged with less emphasis on trials on the cable network and now, online.


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I agree - truTV doesn't resonate with me either. It completely sounds like a fly-by channel and a perfect home for shows like 'Cops'...

That said, who was really watching their trial coverage? They do not attract national advertisers and are very expensive to cover.

Their primetime is their bread and butter - I don't blame their strategy at all. I have my doubts...but it is Turner - they certainly know how to run a network!

Marianne Paskowski:

Hiya b,

Think Turner is going to have problems, sounds like True Value hardware stores to me, which of course it isn't.

But we don't run networks, and thank God, I don't own any stock in anything I write about.

Thanks for the post,


Isn't one SpikeTV enough?

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Wayne,

Well Spike works. Turner has done a lot of research since it acquired Court, and I don't blame them for shuffling the chairs around here. But the name doesn't sound like a strong brand.



I can't imagine! Will anyone be covering trials? That's the whole reason I watch Court TV!

Marianne Paskowski:

The answer is less and less. Court TV will still do it in the morning and early afternoon. That's all doc:}


You mean TruTV? Or where? Thanks.

Marianne Paskowski:

Technically it's still Court TV until Jan 1 when it morphs into TruTV, a loser of a moniker.


georganne gillette:

Where can I find live trials on the Internet? I am a "trial junkie" and proud of it!

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