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Marianne Paskowski

Rosie's 48 Hours in the News

November 8, 2007 1:15 PM

Within 48 hours of NBC acknowledging that it was talking with Rosie O’Donnell about having a show on MSNBC, the deal hit a speed bump, according to several published reports and Rosie herself on her blog, rosie.com.

One report said that, like her deal with ABC’s “The View,” Rosie wanted to commit to only a one-year deal, but NBC wanted a longer contract. Why that stipulation became a show-stopper is a stumper to me. Rosie said she didn’t want to limit her options, although there have been no recent reports of anyone other than MSNBC knocking at her door.

But she does have talent. Before “The View” she had her own daytime talk show from 1996 to 2002, produced a Broadway musical and started the magazine Rosie, which ceased publishing early in the game.

But I don’t see her doing well in the glaring headlights of prime-time TV, and I still think she belongs in daytime with her own show, given her penchant for not playing well with others.

Some TV critics think she might do better in late night, but I don’t think so—too much competition.

So is there a place at all on TV for Rosie? Maybe not, if she remains so bull-headed.


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Doesn't play well with others? Hah! That's an understatement. She should be encouraged to "run with scissors."

Don't know how MSNBC could have considered her. It's hard to imagine her joining the ranks of Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough.

Although she would actually make a good candidate for Olbermann...as in "Worst Person in the Wooorrrrlllldddd."

Marianne Paskowski:


Scissors? Dangerous in her hands, unless of the preschool type where she can't maim anybody, including herself.

Thanks for the post,


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