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Marianne Paskowski

Can Obama Hurt Oprah?

December 26, 2007 12:45 PM

That’s a question the New York Times raised this week in a piece about the backlash on Oprah.com following her endorsement and stumping for presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama, D.-Ill. Some online commenters accused her of betrayal and selling out.

The article raises the possibility that the usual Oprah effect—everything she touches turns to gold, in essence—could help Obama but potentially hurt her own base.

Give me a break. The fact that a few malcontents don’t like what she’s doing will have absolutely no effect on her popularity. And clearly Obama will benefit from her endorsement.

The fear is that her show and magazine could be construed as pulpits for Obama.

Don’t you think Oprah is too smart to let that happen? I do.


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