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Marianne Paskowski

Catch ‘Jesus Camp’ on the Small Screen

December 21, 2007 11:45 AM

Odds are, like me, you too missed “Jesus Camp,” a documentary that opened as a theatrical and won a nomination for an Academy Award. So, I’m telling you now, set your recorder to see this film on A&E, December 30, at 10 p.m. (EST).

Produced by Loki Films for A&E IndieFilms, the eye-opening saga takes place at “Kids on Fire,” and I’m not kidding, a real camp in Devil’s Lake, N.D. that recruits born-again Christian kids to become political activists.

I know that sounds sensational, but it isn’t. It’s not a fact-skewered Michael Moore production. The kids in “God’s army” have a mission “to take back America for Christ.” The movie is even-handed and presents a very sobering look at how strong the right-wing fundamentalist movement is in this country and how strong George Bush remains.

Let me know what you think because I commend A&E for airing such a controversial, but true movie.


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Chi-town Mike:

Tis the season for Leno and Conan to cross the lines and a network doing something good that doesn't censor Christmas. I too have missed this, but "to take back America for Christ" sounds a lot better than Merry x-mas, or happy holidays. It almost makes me want to send a "Merry Christmas" card to the ACLU so I can wish them my own "Happy Holiday" greeting... :)

Marianne Paskowski:


Let me explain more, these kids are Christian fundamentalists, like Islam fundamentalists, a minority, who would blow up a country in the name of their God, prodded by government.

That is not what most people believe, Christian or Islam.

Thanks for the post,

Dear Marianne,

After reading your post I went out last night (Christmas) and rented Jesus Camp. Boy, they sure don't like warlocks, do they? I can only imagine what they have to say about leprechauns. Or did we find out? I fell asleep halfway through.


Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Cory,
No they don't like Harry Potter, not sure about leprechauns. The weirdest thing was these kids looked so normal even though they were brainwashed.

Happy Holidays,

Rob Reynolds:

I just saw this documentary. When you combine church and state like Bush has done now, America will cease to be. I wish that Washington, Jefferson, or Adams would come back to life. I would love to see this. Does this remind anyone of the brainwashing of the Hitler Youth?

T.j. Fod:

Hey Gang,
Just watching the show on A&E due to a headache interrupted sleep at 330AM eastern time. The great thing about this film is that there were no men in the 8 people credited in making this film, not one?...so much for balance.
What is occurring in America is a direct result of the attack on western values by the secular, humanist left wing. The secular left, are so convinced of their rarified right to destablize concrete traditions that they confuse normal opposition to something that has never occurred before, and this has happened before. Christians are not asking for more rights, we just refuse to give up the ones we have.
The left claims the right does not wish to follow the constitution, yet the left insists on barring faith from the public square and infuse family life with government enforced rules never envisioned, and clearly absent from the Constitution. What do they think the reaction would be from the average middle class family that raises the young people who defend us? What values do the left think have prevailed against this century's worst dictators? It takes values to defeat evil. Do they think atheism would have prevailed..rooted in nothing?
The ultimate gift of traditional Judeo-Christian belief has been individual freedom on a scale atheists, humanists and big-bang theorists can not ever claim...but they will place all of our freedoms at risk by undermining the values that have supported and authored these freedoms.
Attacking fundamental western beliefs, some of which are 5,000 years old, through courts and publicly financed schools- and not the voting booth will always cause conflict in a republic.
The social experimentation of the left has been an abysmal failure by most measures other than the freedom to fornicate in more public places than otherwise felt prudent.
This lifestyle, and the values within, are largely is responsible for recently creating a highly mediocre product (families and students) in America, one that can not last very long due without standards based on timeless values.

I must alert Maryanne, et. al. if you think these Christians will conform to a murderous cult you miss the first two precepts of Christianity; free-will and forgiveness. These stress personal responsibility, and non-conforming love of fellow-man. This is something the cultish bombers of eastern lands do not have. It does not mean some people do not come unhinged, they do, but Christianity is a faith that requires forgiveness, secular humanism requires nothing other than public expressions of kindness.
A fundamentalist Christian is more likely to become like, St. Francis of Assisi. A fundamentalist atheist (secular person) is more likely to become like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao. Something this class of atheists specialized in was murder on a grand scale…oh yeah, who do you think stopped these people in the unfortunate wars that followed their butchery...that's right Christians, the same ones that are trying to defend their very basic rights and values in America today.
Get your facts straight and your story will be more understandable.

T.J. Fod

Marianne Paskowski:

Sure does remind me of Hitler's youth camp. Nobody really gets how hard at work the GOP's Karl Rove was, infiltrating bowling alleys, church's PTA's, taking a very effective grass roots approach. Democrats are Democrats because they don't have that discipline and can never agree on anything.

Thanks for the post,

Marianne Paskowski:


I do think this is a cult, however, not murderous. I think we all learned something from this film, I sure did.



Shit, man this fuckin' freaked me out. It's so disturbing that kids are so impressionable at young ages. It's like Mao's Red Guards or the Ugandan child soldiers in the LRA.

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