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Marianne Paskowski

Lifetime Series Projects Healthy Image

January 9, 2008 1:03 PM

In general I tend to avoid reality-based programming, but Lifetime Television’s “How to Look Good Naked” is an exception.

Starring fashionista Carson Kressley of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” fame, the new show teaches women to love their bodies without resorting to radical dieting or cosmetic surgery. Although it airs at 9 p.m., I’d certainly let young girls stay up to see this inspirational program.

In the episode I saw, Kressley encourages a young overweight woman to learn to love her body and shake her perception of herself as a loser.

While the title sounds suggestive, and yes, all of these women who appear on the show gain enough self -confidence to pose semi-naked, it’s not salacious at all.

So catch it on Friday night, a time when many overweight young women are unfortunately sitting at home alone out of low self-esteem. Kudos to Lifetime for hosting this new reality series for real women.


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I love Carson Kressley and I loved the first episode of this series. Exactly as you said, he encouraged this young woman, who felt terrible about herself at the beginning of the episode, to love her body. I especially love how he put a picture of her body on a billboard on the Promenade in Santa Monica and asked people walking by what they thought. Everyone gave a positive review. It was great. My only question is will the formula be the same every week, or will he mix it up a bit so that viewers have a reason to come back.

marianne paskowski:


Thought the best part was how Carson showed her the same overweight woman in three different outfits, one stylishly dressed, one who didn't care and one who tried to hide her weight. Very revealing. From what I saw of the previews, I don't think the formula will be the same every week. One woman looked skinny, tired and plain, and in need of an ego boost.

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It's about time "plus" people have a chance to shine on television. I'd like to see plus size come back in a healthy and beautiful way in '08. Move over America's Top Model.

Carl LaFong:

"Lifetime. Television for Women. And Gay Men."

Does anything better illustrate that jibe from Saturday Night Live?

Marianne Paskowski:


And shine they do!


Marianne Paskowski:

Why not? I'd rather go shopping with a gay pal than most of my girlfriends.

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Hello my friends :)

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