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Marianne Paskowski

‘Mad Money’ Host Jim Cramer Is Everywhere

January 17, 2008 12:53 PM

There is simply no escaping Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s “Mad Money.” He’s everywhere. Apparently, the memorable quote “It’s the economy, stupid” still resonates big-time today.

Cramer is ubiquitous. He pops in and out of CNBC during daytime, has his own evening show that’s repeated in late night, and often appears on “The Today Show.”

There’s more. Yesterday morning he and the cast from the theatrical release “Mad Money” presided over the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

Cramer has a cameo role in that comedy that opens tomorrow. Katie Holmes, Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton star as three women, down on their luck and underemployed, who plot to steal money from a bank.

And there’s more. Tonight Cramer appears on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” as CNBC reminded me all day in promos and quick interviews with Cramer about the experience.

I’m a fan. Hey, I admit I got on the show in the lightning round. But don’t you think Cramer’s stock is oversold, as he would say?


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Chi-town Mike:

Cramer is a man of his own words, obviously he is telling everyone to SELL SELL SELL!

BOO-YA!!! :p

Marianne Paskowski:


Actually I like him a lot, am reading his latest book. Interesting guy, he was so poor out of college he lived in his car while at work at his first career, journalism!Actually NBC is brilliant, using its vast network holdings to promote him on the Today Show and Trump's Celebrity Apprentice.

Boo-ya back:}

Stuart Zuckerman:

Cramer may be "everywhere" but nearly 3x as many people watch "Nightly Business Report" on PBS than watch "Mad Money" on CNBC.
And that's no boo-ya. That's according to Nielsen.

Marianne Paskowski:


Good point, but Cramer is all over the Internet, too, with his own show. Separately there are the innumerable and message boards on any profile Yahoo Finance does on a particular stock.

Brokers hate Cramer, by and large, because he neglects some fundamentals like weighing in broker fees for buys that he recommends.

No boo ya today for him, he was so defensive after the 8:20 a.m. Fed cut.

Thanks for the post, and tomorrow is another day:} And one more thing: What ticked me off yesterday was that the new Fox Business Channel was on the world wide collapse yesterday, and Cramer ran a pre-canned show that never addressed it.


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