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Marianne Paskowski

Pats QB Brady Missing in Action

January 25, 2008 1:06 PM

Yikes, you’d think it was the second coming with all the pre-game hype leading into the Super Bowl, which airs Feb. 3 on Fox and pits the New England Patriots against the New York Giants.

The media frenzy accelerated on Monday when the Pats’ quarterback, Tom Brady, was caught on camera wearing a protective boot brace, fueling rumors that he had an ankle injury.

Adding to the drama, the Associated Press and other newsgathering organizations told us he hadn’t shown up for pre-game practice on Wednesday and Thursday, at least in the 12 minutes they were allowed to see, or afterwards in the locker room, where reporters also are allowed. No Brady, anywhere.

Not quite, sports fans. Today I saw a promo, actually several times, on CNBC touting its upcoming special “The Patriots and the Business of Winning.” I suffered through those gushing but mercifully short interviews with Pats owner, coach and, yep, the heretofore missing Brady as well. Don’t get too excited: No mention of his injury.

Does anybody really care, except the oddsmakers in Las Vegas? The CNBC special airs Sunday at 10 p.m.


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Chi-town - Mike:

Everybody knows that Brady wore the foot brace so it would take the attention off of the fact that his current girlfriend forces him to bring flowers when he comes over. (and it's working) :)

As for the oddsmakers, this game is still around 13.5 points and I would take those points. The Giants have not lost a game away from home since week 1, and they played the Pats close when they were at home (which ironically the Giants don't play well at home).

Another factor to consider is that the shaky Eli Manning has not thrown a single interception in the entire postseason, and Brady himself threw a couple last week.

The X-Factor - Jessica Simpson! Nobody knows where she has been since Romo dumped her. If you're a Giants fan going to the game, be on the lookout for any pink #10 Giants jerseys!!!

Marianne Paskowski:

Thanks for the inside play book:}


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