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Marianne Paskowski

A Reformed ‘Dog’ Returns to A&E

February 20, 2008 12:44 PM

Duane Chapman returns to A&E’s “Dog the Bounty Hunter” after being suspended for four months for uttering racial slurs in the supposed privacy of his home.

A&E has yet to set a specific date for when the series will return, but the cable net did say it’s making plans about going back into production.

That news will have Dog’s fans woofing with glee, and his detractors whining about TV’s double standards.

At the time of his suspensions, responders to my blog, and there were many, were very divided about A&E’s choice, arguing whether the decision was fair.

This go round, there will be less buzz. Why? Don’t all of TV’s bad boys eventually return after serving their time in the sin bin? Name one who has not, if you can.


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Arthur Greenwald:

I was not familiar with this show until Marianne first mentioned it. Well, I looked at it and was very disappointed to discover that this "Dog the Bounty Hunter" is not really a dog at all. He's just some lout who looks like a retired biker on a bad hair day. I'm sticking with Animal Planet.

Vicki Clark:

Yes, bad boys always seem to return- it seems as a public this is what we now call "entertainment". We should just stop watching- but we won't. I don't know why.

Marianne Paskowski:

I know you're not shocked at all, given your line of work, public service. In fact your predicted this.

Thanks for the post,

Marianne Paskowski:

I had the same reaction initially, I thought the show was about a canine sleuth. But it isn't. This guy is a real bounty hunter. Say what you will about him, and you haven't, he's a folk hero for many Americans. I can understand that.

Thanks for the post,

Arthur Greenwald:


I'm not dissing the man's status as a bounty hunter or a folk hero. It's not his fault he isn't a real dog. If it's any consolation, the Dalmatians didn't seem to mind him -- unlike that cringe-inducing Cesar Milan.

Every time the so-called "dog whisperer" appears on screen, my guys paw at the remote. If he ever tried to "SHHH!" my Emily, I'd become an instant guest star on "The Dog Litigator."


Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Arthur,
We are not fans of Cesar Milan in this house of Labs, either. Too harsh. I can't tell you how many books and DVD's our friends and family have given to us as holiday presents with his moniker.Not that we need them, our Sammy and Maizey are well behaved.

It was awhile ago, but a New York Times reporter ripped Milan a good one. Milan's not bad, but not our style. I'm a liberal, as you know, especially when it comes to living with man's best friend.

We all co-exist, humans and canines without harsh methods. Guess we're lucky. Can't believe you had the same initial reaction to this show. Hey, what a duh moment, in terms of our cultural awareness.

I know better, a year later, after hearing from about 160 bloggers from Dog the Bounty hunter Fans. So now do you.

Bounty Hunter is actually interesting, check it out.

Take care,

Chi-town Mike:

"Don’t all of TV’s bad boys eventually return after serving their time in the sin bin? Name one who has not, if you can."

Could not agree with you anymore. Even the "Non-bad boys" get a pass. Who here is going to boycott a Mel Gibson movie for the mistakes he has made in the past?

One problem that I have with reality TV is that they are not "Real" anymore. Many things are scripted and while I have never advocated the use of racial slurs, isn't that a violation of "Reality tv"? If somebody has a reality show, then they should get a pass and not be suspended for comments that they make whether on TV or in the privacy of their own home. If they are guilty, they should only be guilty in the "Court of public opinion".

However this is completely different then the "Lynching" comments that were made a month ago during the PGA broadcast. That was a different setting. With reality tv, that comment should be fair game. (as wrong as it is)

Once again, I don't advocate racial slurs and people need to be educated when they happen, but we are talking about a reality TV show and IMO (in a less sensitive era) scripted television shows like "All in the Family", "The Jeffersons", and "Good Times" are more real then the reality tv shows of today.

My opinion...

Chi-town Mike:

With all that said... This is a great day for dog lovers!

and I too am one of them... :)

Dave Sanders:

ok ok ya got me with da DOG...
anybody who knows Chapman knows he really is a God fearin man of many talents....best one of which is being an ex con that helps others in Hawaii and Colorado to bring ya'll up ta speed.
Yep He;s a folk HERO hahahahaha
and he dresses like we all kinda like we could hahaha

Westcoast Dave

Marianne Paskowski:

Chi,A& E had to do what it did or live with viewer outrage. Like your point out "All in the Family" being more real than any of the so-called reality shows.

So Dog is back and remember he is a real bounty hunter


Marianne Paskowski:

So you want to dress like Dog? Perish the thought. I certainly don't want to dress like Beth, his wife!

Dave Sanders:

OMG picture that...a Polish lady with 2/3rds of her breast matter out in public...or wqould that be 3/4?? haha
relish the thought...whre is the picture hahahaha'' by the way...never really wanted to dress like the "dog"...haha
westr coast Dave

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