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Marianne Paskowski

Hannah Montana Saves Stock Market Today

February 6, 2008 1:00 PM


Who could guess? OK, OK, so I’m a little prone to hyperbole. But the Walt Disney Co, and its Hannah Montana franchise in particular, saved the day on Wall Street today after Disney President-CEO Bob Iger reported a 9% pop in revenue after the final bell rang Tuesday.

OK, it wasn’t just Hannah, but strong performances by its cable nets and theme parks that buoyed the stock to be one of the few signs of green on the tape late this afternoon. Also, Disney-owned ABC seems to be the TV network least hurt by the ongoing writers’ strike.

If it feels like a recession, forget about it, we have Hannah Montana. Remember, teens with discretionary income actually spend through recessions. Not like their parents, who likely will spend their promised tax rebates on paring down debt or throw those checks into savings.

Could Hannah lead us out of recession?


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Oh, you are right on track TV Woman. Hannah can definitely lead us out of an "R." Last year, tween spending -- Tweens, aged 8-12 years old, are Hannah's core -- was expected to reach $243 billion -- yes, we are talking BILLIONS. (Have you hired babysitters lately? They command over $10 per hour. Yikes!) And that $243 billion only includes DIRECT spending by tweens, meaning it is the amount they actually have in their wallets. The sum does not include the trillions in spending they "influence" ...... as in everything from the cereals served for breakfast in their homes to the cars their families dirve. You are spot on. Go Hannah....errr.....ummmm....uhhhh....oh, duh -- I mean "go Miley Cyrus!"

Marianne Paskowski:


Thanks big time for your expertise here. To the others: She is a pal, and a total pro, frequenty appears on news shows, predicting hot kid trends and the teen market. My advice to you is buy DIS. I won't, I can't, whatever. I own no stocks in companies that I write about. Full disclosure time.I'm a Potash girl. That's fertilizer BTW.It rocks.

Hillary Clinton, BTW, could use Hannah's endorsement. She totally bombed with her paid for town hour hour on Hallmark. Rating: Ouch 0.6.

Keep your cool,


I agree with sentence number two here: you're "a little prone to hyperbole." Yes I'm a Disney nut, but Hannah Montana, ABC, Disney's cable networks, and Walt Disney World are not going to lead us into or out of a recession. It's a nice dream, though.


Marianne Paskowski:


Said with tongue in cheek with the intent of letting some sunshine into this bleak market.


Chi-town Mike:

Could Hannah lead us out of recession? In one word no. Sure she's selling out concerts but way too many tickets are being sold through underground resellers that are using devices that can read past ticketmaster's encrypted letters. Fortunately the government is looking into these hackers especially one that scored over 6,000 tickets for one of her concerts. Many scalpers are reselling tickets for $400-$700 a piece. One woman paid over $2500 for her daughter to see Hannah!!! The prices that some of these parents are paying for scalped tickets is not going to get us out of a recession but instead put us into a deeper recession.

On a side note about Hannah, I hope that her dad watches over her 24/7/365 because there was another girl that was just as popular bubble gum 10 years ago and I seriously cannot stomach another "Britney-type" media circus... :{

Marianne Paskowski:

Thanks for reminding me about the ticket scalping.

The Unamed Blogger:

If we are indeed already in a recession (I believe that's still being debated) then Hannah Montana may be the answer -- but to me, the real question is -- can Hannah bring the "change" and "universal health care" I've been hearing about in every Presidential election since I was a zygote (c. 1967).

Marianne Paskowski:

You never know you're in a recession until you're out of it. And alas, Hannah, at her young age probably doesn't give health care a thought.


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heloo hannah i love you ar good songer i'm from denmark...????




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