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Marianne Paskowski

Fox Dangles Carrot at ‘24’ Junkies

March 6, 2008 1:18 PM

Fox’s latest news—that it’s offering a two-hour preview movie of “24” this fall to bridge the gap between season six and what would have been a full yearlong delay of season seven—really isn’t a carrot.

Heck, it’s more like giving heroin to a junkie. Remember, “24” fans are addicted to this show. If the two-hour movie ends with a cliffhanger, like most episodes do, Fox will have a public relations nightmare on its hands.

Season seven was postponed, with only eight episodes of the new season shot before the prolonged writers strike.

I still think Fox should have staggered the airing of those new episodes, while producing more, and run what it has in the summer when so many eyeballs return en masse to cable.

What is so sacred about a January venue for the show’s new season?


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Chi-town Mike:

I'm interested in seeing how this transition plays out. A few years ago the Sopranos were faced with the same dilemna, and they spent a few episodes basically reminding the viewers on what basically each members role was. It got so much attention that SNL did a funny spoof off of it. While 24 is a different animal then the Sopranos, both shows left you in suspense. Then again the Sopranos still left everyone in suspense and never got the memo on how to end a series, but that's a whole other conversation... :)

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Chi,

"24" can only hope for a parody on SNL. Hear hocky is heating up in the Windy City, those Stan Mikita, Bobby Hall moments. Too bad TV and the league screwed up, used to love hockey.

Anyhow, I still "24" is in trouble.


I have a very different take on this story.

It has to do with politics and the 2008 election, and it's here.


Don't you think that it's strange that the 24 TV movie may air right before the election and that Joel Surnow, who had left the show, is involved?

Marianne Paskowski:

Your link is interesting. I love conspiracy theories, and this one is interesting, afterall, it's airing on Fox.

But "24" is always about national security, terrorism, and I think make a very interesting point here.

I hate politics, but I would not be surprised about what either party would do in this election.

Thanks for your thoughtful insight and link,


Arthur Greenwald:


I'm afraid you're mistaken about Joel Surnow's involvement in the 24 movie. He received a great deal of publicity when he announced his departure from the series he co-created following the writer's strike. In other words, he's not even participating in the completion of Season 7. In all likelihood, IMDB followed it's lazy practice of duplicating its most recent set of credits for "24" until they can obtain accurate info.

But frankly, I don't understand what you're alleging by suggesting that airing this movie in the Fall constitutes a conspiracy. A conspiracy to accomplish what exactly? Even if the scenario centers on the election of a woman president, do you seriously think this will influence voters? Did 12 years of the irreverent Simpsons derail the Bush administration?

Since you admittedly haven't watched 24 since the pilot, I recommend you grab one of the discounted DVD sets from Amazon or Borders, pop a frosty beverage or two, and sit back and enjoy the fantasy entertainment -- secure in the knowledge that you'll still be in possession of a clear mind and a voter registration card come November

Chi-town Mike:

I pretty much agree with what Arthur had to say, and with the little thunder left, I have to unfortunately play the SNL card one more time. If you look at the 2000 election, SNL really "attacked" Bush (with Texas Redneck humor), but Bush still won.
I'm sure writers are already excited on how they plan to tear up the candidates this year.

The bottom line is that we have a 3 horse race. 24 is a great show, but only a small number of people are going to look that deep into this and many people already have their minds already made up for whom they are going to vote for.

Marianne Paskowski:

To Arthur and Chi,

Remember the chatter when "24" first debuted and the venue was Los Angeles, and not D.C., as it will be when season seven finally runs.

Apparently six years ago, there was some sensitivity lingering over Sept. 11, and, in part, the reason the "president" spent so much time in LA.

The point is people care enough about this show to twitter about it and why I think Fox made a bone-headed decision about waiting until 09 for a whole new season.


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