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Marianne Paskowski

‘Commuter Confidential’ Has Legs, Albeit Short Ones

May 30, 2008 11:00 AM

Commuter ConfidentialTBS, the cable net that airs sanitized reruns of “Sex and the City,” has come up with a brilliant advertising option for Match.com and Revlon.

Starting next week, a two- minute microseries called “Commuter Confidential” breaks, starring four young women commuting in a car while talking about their experiences with dating service Match.com and applying Revlon cosmetics.

The microseries will air within “Sex and the City” on TBS.

Some critics say such a long pod will only turn off viewers.

I think not. The microseries is appearing in the perfect programming environment, and anyone who likes “Sex and the City” likely will stick around to see what sounds like a lively interchange among four working women.

Far more creative than jamming as many ads into long pods, a very bad habit most basic-cable networks are guilty of doing more and more.

I think this is brilliant, and I wish more cable programmers and advertisers would test the waters here.

Do you?


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I agree with you... not that this hasn't been done before, albeit probably not to this degree. I think it's smart, creative and will keep viewers engaged. It also got publicity.

Marianne :

Hi Kathy,

You're right TBS has done it before, I think with some sponsors for "Everyone Loves Raymond." That never popped up on my radar screen. This go round, it's in everyone's face, including ink in the WSJ.

Think the theatrical of "Sex and the City" is opening this week, so the timing is on spot.

Thanks for the post,



Yo, Blondie --

You mean there will be a cable commercial pod that's fun to watch, rather than an endless parade of drivel, misleading pharmaceutical propaganda, look-alike car advertising and mindless slice-of-life C-in-the-K? What a great idea!

Cruisin not Bruisin

Marianne :

Hi Cruiser,
Yep, no need to TiVo through this one. I'm surprised more basic cable nets haven't done this yet. This was one savvy move.


Hey Marianne,
I also like this idea. The CW did something like this with their Content Wraps that aired during Top Model and Gilmore Girls. Then they of course had CW Now, which was just too much, and this fall we'll get CWickies or something like that. All are good approaches with DVRs getting increased usage.

Marianne :

From your lips to the basic cable nets' ears. This is so easy, don't understand why we don't see more.

Have you noticed how you keep seeing the same commercials, over and over again, like the advertisers are going for tonnage?

I really hate that.



I disagree. I just saw it tonight and it was so strange, so unfunny, it made me absolutely NOT want to be on match.com if that is what the target demographic is in the mind of the company.


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