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Marianne Paskowski

Presidential Nominees Support ‘Army Wives’

June 5, 2008 10:38 AM

Presidential hopefuls John McCain and Barack Obama salute the U.S. troops abroad in spots airing during the season premiere of Lifetime’s wildly popular “Army Wives.”

Each candidate taped a 30-second spot saluting the troops that will air within the wildly popular series about how spouses cope and support one another while their husbands are at war.

It’s a brilliant move from Lifetime, but a no-brainer for McCain or Obama. How can anyone not support the troops?

What would be more interesting, and more inflammatory would be if both contenders taped 30-second spots for CNBC’s “Kudlow & Co.,” saying “I feel your pain,” as rising gas and food prices have consumers strapped, with the economy now being voters’ No. 1 issue this election.

I’m not holding my breath waiting for that to happen. Are you?


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Yo, Blondie --

The McCain people got it wrong. Their spots on Lifetime should say: "Here's why we want your spouses as cannon fodder."

Even better re your gassy Kudlow cameos, McCain can say, "Feel your pain? Hell, give us credit. We cause it!"

Cruisin not bruisin

Marianne :

Yo Cruiser,

Maybe if we're lucky, Saturday Night Live will make a parody of both spots, taking into accounts your edited copy. Would give Obama a chance to say he voted against the war.


As a Vietnam Combat Infantry Vet, I want to salute our men and women as they all place their feet back on US Terra Firma.

Forty years ago today we lost RFK to eternity, we were in the bloodiest year with 14,000 plus killed in action in Vietnam and Richard Nixon got elected!

Here we are forty years later in another made up deadly, unnecessary conflict with a presidential election to survive.

Hopefully we will make an effort not to repeat history anymore...HOPEFULLY.

God Bless our troops for a rapid deployment home!
Peter Bright

Marianne :

Just got home from my state's Democratic convention in Mass. Sen. John Kerry is up for re-election, he did his time, Vietnam, and he has a firm grasp on global and economic factors and the companies, you know who they are, that get fat and happy if we are at war over oil, this time.

Shame Kerry didn't demand a recount in Ohio.


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