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Marianne Paskowski

Rev. Jackson’s ‘Hot Mic’ Moment on Fox

July 15, 2008 10:42 AM

It’s been about a week since supposed Barack Obama supporter Jesse Jackson apologized on the Fox News Channel about earlier “crude” remarks he had made about the presidential contender.

I have to ask, with friends like this who needs enemies? Jackson, speaking with another guest before his segment appeared, did not realize his microphone was on and accused Obama of “talking down to black people.”

If that weren’t bad enough, right before showtime the mic picked up Jackson saying, “I want to cut his nuts off.”

A week later, Obama supporters are still fuming over Jackson’s comments and wondering if he is really helping or hurting Obama’s chances of winning.

Your two cents?


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Yo, Blondie --

The jealousy really shows, doesn't it, magnified as it is by the aspirations of a long and unfairly dismissed minority politician. Perhaps Jackson's problem is that Obama, unlike Jesse Sr., doesn't sound like Ebonics is his native tongue.

Cruisin not bruisin

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Cruiser,
Maybe there is some jealousy here, but heck even Hilary Clinton has come around, and she had the most to lose.

If nothing else, it was quite an insight to the Reverend's true persona. Pretty sad.
Thanks for your post,

I think it is time for all of us sit down, breath and relax.

This whole political "Teeter-Totter" style race we've gotten on to "elect" our next President has gone way beyond "over-the-top".

The "Good Ship USA" does not need everone running to Starboard one minute and to Port the next chasing after the next off hand stupid remark made by some individual having a "human moment".

I don't want to get into any discussion over whether the latest verbal slippage by anyone was good, bad or indifferent.

We have some very serious real problems aboard our "Good Ship USA"...on the Bridge, in the Engine Room and definately below the water line.

Instead of creating the ship's pitching and rolling as we run after the latest dumb remark in mass, maybe we should put our resources to good use by chasing after, and reporting on, what really could scuttle us.
Peter Bright

Marianne Paskowski:

This is not the sinking of the Titanic, the ship is stuck in a sand shoal and has been for eight years.

So it needs righting and what we need is a plan to do that before we are all marooned. And we need a nimble skipper to get the country back on course.

Thanks for your always thoughtful posts,


You know, its just amazing how many times Obama has either a) shot himself in the foot this political season or b) been shot in the foot from perceived loyalists or people who also bat for the blue team. This election was supposed to be the Democrats by a mile. I honestly think they're in trouble right now. The cover of that magazine may have been "satire", but I don't think a lot of people will take it that way. Blue team, you screwed up big time. I still think Obama can win but its no secret that Hilary could kick McCain anyday. Her moderate views in the primary made even Republicans start to warm to her. Sure her personal life sucks but whose doesn't in politics? So much for change. Obama has begun a move back to the center because he's realized McCain may actually pull in some moderates if Iraq continues to improve and if he manages to actually come up with a decent plan to fix the gas problem. The key here is that McCain can push for oil drilling. Obama, being the change candidate and having to at least somewhat appease the far left, can't. Forget if it will make any real difference. Its all about perception. That alone could cost it for the blue team.

Take Care Marianne,

Chi-town Mike:

Obama has had a tough couple of months. His Rev. started off the powder keg, Jessie, and "The New Yorker". Out of the 3, I feel that only the magazine cover is what has caused any political damage. IMO that was Howard Stern-like political cartoon trash.

(Staying on topic) Jessie is a classic example of the phrase, "Consider the source". Earlier this year Jessie was all over Tiger Woods for not going after a white female reporter for using a "Woodshed" remark. In the past Jessie has tried to get both Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods to use their place in society as a face of activism for black people. Jessie needs to realize that he will not find another Muhammad Ali/Jim Brown type in this day and age.

Things have gotten so bad lately for Jessie that there is a black civil rights group in Englewood (South-side Chicago) that is currently picking Jackson's Rainbow coalition headquarters for Jessie to be removed. Even Charles Barkley (who plans to run for governor of Alabama 10 years from now) has spoken out that Jessie is more raciest than the people that he calls out.

The bottom line about all of this is that Obama has received the greatest gift that he could possibly receive from Jessie Jackson, "A get out of jail free card"....

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Guys,

You know, Democrats are Democrats because they cannot get their act together.

Very disappointed to hear Nancy Pelosi's stand on off drilling, so dismissive, without taking alternative energies into the big picture, of how off drill, wind and solar could work all together.

But neither did the GOP.Personally, I think it's pathetic that both parties found these people to be best of breed. It's not looking like it, to me.



Pelosi won't support the drilling but I've seen on some programs that some bipartisan groups in the House are going to try to bring it to a vote anyway and that they think Pelosi will allow it. Personally I think the threat of drilling alone will send prices tumbling.

Marianne Paskowski:


Off drilling, if it's 50 miles off the coast shouldn't polllute the world. I think it could be a very smart thing to do, if it is done in conjunction with wind, solar and, yes, coal (purification has to happen) and nat gas.

I just wish some other cable net than just CNBC gets this. They're all too busy chasing Hollywood. I really care a flying Wallenda about how the next Batman movie is doing.

But that's just me.

i think Jackson's wife cut his balls off when he had that out of wedlock baby from another woman. so who is jesse to talk. tip - popular video clip sites are hulu, zoogatv and tidaltv

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