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Marianne Paskowski

Spitzer’s Call Girl Coming to Cable?

July 10, 2008 11:24 AM

Here’s one for the books. E! News reports that former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s call girl might land on cable with her own TV show about dating.

Apparently call girl Ashley Dupre, according to published reports, is working on a project with Handprint Entertainment, the folks who work with Nicole Richie and Pamela Anderson.

So which cable network will stoop this low? I’m sure the show will get great ratings if it comes to pass. It’s like watching a car accident on the other side of the road.

But I can’t see this happening at all. Sure, the kid needs a job, but prostitution is a crime in New York, where she was busted, so what cable network would want the bad ink?

And what does she know about real dating? Most people don’t get paid to go on a date, at least in my circle of friends.


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Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Cory,

Guess we know where you think Ashley will wind up:}
And, gee, you already gave the show a name.

This won't happen in an era where people lose their shows for uttering racial slurs in the supposedly privacy of their own homes.

Prostitution is a crime in New York. This dog won't hunt.



Oh, I think there is a good chance that Ashley Dupre could make it to E or FOX. She was never convicted of prostitution and was given immunity from prosecution.

There is a long track record of these woman making money from their former lives. Lets not forget about the Happy Hooker, Xaviera Hollander who made money from her book and advice articles in Penthouse magazine. She is now running a bed and breakfast in Amsterdam.

More recently, the Hollywood Madam, Heidi Fleiss, who was convicted has started several businesses and continues.

Yup, Cory is right - the time is right for a show like this on TV in a tasteful form. You might not watch it, but the people who watch, Hugh Hefner's, "The Girls Next Door" will. Hugh, of course is "The Man" who freed the world of their sexual repression and made it know that woman enjoy sex too. Well - to some extent.

Marianne Paskowski:

Hiya Cliff,

Well this thing, if it gets off the ground, is supposed to be a reality based TV show about dating, not prostitution.

Given her past, how real would that be for most women? Thanks for tracing the careers of past hookers who now have successful careers.

You seem to know a lot about this:} But I know you have been to Amsterdam often, on business...


Andy S.:

"Prostitution is a crime in New York. This dog won't hunt."

But shows about prostitutes are perfectly legal (see Showtime's "Diary of a Call Girl"), and shows dealing with criminals, or even glorifying them, are a TV staple, on cable and elsewhere. Let's not take a moralistic stance regarding the popular media; at best it's hypocritical. If she does end up with a show, it'll be judged the same way any other show is judged: does it attract viewers? And nobody will force you to watch it.

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Andy,
Nice to see you back. So if this show winds up on basic cable, who would the advertisers be?

The ad sales market is in a tailspin. Personally, very curious about how this all turns out, if it does. So let's guess who the advertisers would be.

Maybe Victoria's Secret?


Tom B:

In an age when Tina Tequila gets two TV seasons why would a show featuring the inner struggles of a (former) call girl come as a surprise?

Advertisers? Liquor companies; Axe products; Mike's HARD Lemonade, maybe? Networks- well, MTV is easy.

I think you have higher hopes for popular culture than are actually warranted.

The Leap has been made. This is just another hop.

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Tom,

OK, I read you. So you think this is going to happen?

I still do not.

Thanks for your post,


Yo, Blondie --

Don't miss the big picture. Ashley is merely testing the waters for Spitzer himself, who will moderating a show of guest appearances by prostitutes -- political prostitutes who sell out for campaign contributions.

E! might run out of smart and personable hookers like Ashley as their productions go on. But the list of political prostitutes is virtually endless. Some of those pols are so much on the make they'd be happy to appear and confess to the good Dr. Eliot about their best "scores" at the Mayflower Hotel--how much they got for that oil bill vote, etc. just so they can get more.

I wonder if Mr. "Change We Can Believe In" will appear and acknowledge that he takes both small and large change. And Mr. "Straight Talk Express"? On K Street, the lobbyists know how to straighten out both his talk and his vote.

Cruisin not bruisin

Tom B:

I have no idea whether it will happen or not. But, if not Ms Dupré, it'll be someone else, and if not yet, then before long.

It's all about "the Benjamins".


Dave Sanders:

Might happen for maybe one episode??? that should be about it...She may have better chance showing her wares on Howard Sterns craploa channels??
Old news she is...old news....
Spitzer did great for NY with this one huh?
At least our Governator for once is screwing a Kennedy not a Kennedy screwing us haha
Teddy is old news too.....
old fat bastard.....I always knew something was wrong with his 3 pound pc.
west Coast Dave
please come and pick up Palosi and Boxer and take to NYC !!!


You mean you and your circle of friends don't get paid to go out on dates? That's very strange.

Just kidding.

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Joe,
Yes, I seemed to have met a new or not so no circle of friends up here. Actually think I know who several of who these yahoos are. Fun.:}

Loved your moment of levity. Keep them coming,

The tastes, wants and needs of the members of the Human Race are as varied and numbered as we are.

Cable television and the Internet are living proof of that and apparently, what's available has only scratched the many itches of mankind.

So, scratch away fellow humankind. Just know that when one scratches too hard and too long, one usually bleeds.
Peter Bright

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Peter,
Well this news is hardly the end of the civilized world. Or maybe it is, think of Nero.

Whatever, no cable net picked it up yet.
Thanks for your always thoughtful posts,

for the record she was never busted...do you have evidence of the cops busting in on one of her client session. i think not. if she gets a show then more power too her. take a bad situation and turn it into your advantage...its the American way. even better bring the show to my favorite popular video sites hulu, zoogatv and tidaltv soon

Marianne Paskowski:

Anthony, grow up, the Feds gave her immunity to testify later.

That's the way the world works, but thanks for zoning in on where she will wind up if anywhere.

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