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Marianne Paskowski

No Commentary From CNN’s Anderson Cooper

December 29, 2008 12:01 PM

Good piece in Sunday’s Los Angeles Times, which addressed, in part, why CNN’s Anderson Cooper doesn’t insert his opinion into his newscast, as so many of his cable news net cohorts do these days.

Anderson Cooper

The L.A. Times wondered why Cooper doesn’t interject his opinions into the news as do, say, Rachel Maddow and Campbell Brown, who are not at all shy about throwing their own two cents into the news of the day.

Cooper’s answer was simple: “I’m just not interested as a viewer in listening to anchors’ opinions. It seems like there’s an awful lot of yelling, and this year yelling’s been replaced by sarcasm and snarkiness.”

Amen, I say. Cooper said Maddow and Brown are both very good and talented at what they do, but that it’s just not his thing.

Nor is blogging or Twittering. He admits to not being computer-savvy and prefers going to the frontline of a breaking news story in person.

Personally, I think cable news could benefit from anchors who don’t use their role as a bully pulpit. And that’s why I will make a point of watching Cooper’s New Year’s Eve special, as the year will go down in history as one of a global recession and ever-increasing geopolitical angst.


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oh please. he doesn't give his opinion but the direction the news takes--the way they play it -- is obvious. he's just another bush-bashing left wing liberal. and so is ed henry, john king and wolf blitzer. they play up the negative on bush and they play up the positive on obama -- without using the words "i love you" and "he sucks"

Marianne Paskowski:

Couldn't disagree with your more here. Cooper goes out of his way to put his opinion on the shelf when he's on camera.

Do you live under a rock? Sounds like it when you talk about CNBC playing up the negativity of Bush.

That's because it is negative, and sadly true.Bush did so much damage and left so much carnage during these past eighth years...m


Glad you brought up Cooper's New Year's Eve special.

He is co-hosting with Kathy Griffin.


I can't picture Walter Cronkite or Edward R. Murrow or Charles Kuralt or Tom Brokaw or Dan Rather co-hosting a live TV event with this self-described D-Lister with the foul mouth and the fake, well, pretty much everything. Not that she's not funny; I'm just saying what an odd couple, which leads me to ask you:

Doesn't Cooper's pairing with her on CNN detract from his journalistic luster and render him, you know, sort of silly?


Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Cory,
Agree coupling Anderson Cooper with Kathy Griffin is strange, but kind of interesting.

For starters this is a special, not a straight news cast. Guess it's like sports with a commentator and a color analyst, the role I assume she will have on the New Year's special.

That's a guess I don't know. But I like the little I have seen of her as a guest on Leno or Larry King.

And then of course, there's her role on "The View."

No she is not a journalist. Odd bedfellows, but that's TV today.

Thanks for your post,m

Jeff Mulligan:


Cooper and Maddow do entirely different kinds of shows, and I'm sure glad they do. Both are great doing their thing: Maddow having more fun with the news that anyone in journalism has a right to have; Cooper the ever-enterprising correspondent "keeping them honest" (as one of his features puts it"

The contrast to their competitors is striking. as Keith Olberman, for example, becomes more like a left-wing version of the self-absorbed right wing loonies on Fox.


Mr. Cooper, you are a good journalist by today's standards and for that I commend you.

However, c'mon, Anderson, you and I both know you have been known to put a lot of "influence" on to your facial and verbal nuances.

You want to be "Anchor Clean"?

Then be so and consistantly so...keep up the good work...just don't spread yourself too thin between all your CNN and now CBS 60 MINUTES assignments.

Objectivity and Integrity, eat, sleep, drink and present it.
Peter Bright

Marianne Paskowski:

I have no problem with Cooper's appearances on "60 Minutes," whatsoever.

Isn't it possible that we finally have a potential somebody from the next generation being groomed to step into the shoes of Cronkite, Jennings, etal?

I hope so.....m


Yo, Blondie --

Come on. Don't buy the publicists' spin about the pure and unopinionated Anderson Cooper. It's his brand, imbued with qualities dictated by his handlers who have one eye on Q scores and TV ratings. Posing heartthrob prettyboy as working toward sainthood gets those youth demos up, so Cooper's brand become uncaped crusader.

Come to think of it, I have some brand image ideas for the Fox crew, but this is a site accessible to children.

Cruisin not bruisin

Marianne Paskowski:


Keith Olberman is yet the subject for another blog.

What I do find odd about all of the cable news nets, and always have, is that will all that airtime to fill, you think they would all do a better job of keeping us informed.

The war in Afghanistan continues but there are no longer U.S. TV journalists there to cover it. Cable and broadcast news nets have shuttered or downsized their international bureaus, at a time when the global economy needs to know more than ever.

I watch them all but still have to read dozens of publications to find out what in the hell is going on in this world...m

Marianne Paskowski:


I don't think Cooper is a pretty boy, at all, but I gmuess you do:)


Joe Guerin:

Ms. Paskowski,

There you go again, praising the pinko who hides behind supposed "objectivity" to spread his perverted pro-gay, anti-gun, anti-Jesus, anti-Cheney agenda. Bias is inherent in modern media (except for Fox News). So stick to the Bible: timeless, authoritative, and unmanipulated by human subjectivity.



Yo, again, Blondie --

Do you have his private phone number, by any chance?

Cruisin not bruisin

Marianne Paskowski:

Have you looked at your 401K?. That you can thank George Bush for and any media outlets that pander to him...m

Marianne Paskowski:


Nope. Go watch his show, it's on in five minutes. Hope he tackles what's going on in Israel, not a good thing in that part of the world.


Eric Gronwaldt:

Unbiased reporting of the news? Without injecting personal views or worst, inserting themselves in the news and becoming the story? Sounds strange, almost foreign (like BBC WorldNews or Dan Rather before the birth of cable news).
And yet I remember hearing a concept like that, many years ago, oh yea; it was in my Broadcast Journalism class at Temple University some 25 years ago. Oh, that was my mistake, confusing journalism with what we get on FoxNews, MSNBC and Headline News. Why is it a professional journalist like Cooper is a contradiction in today’s 24-hours news cycle environment.

Where have you gone Howard K Smith and Harry Reasoner?

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Eric,
Cooper is a welcome contradiction in today's cable news arena. But I understand why: hard to program 24 hours of news.

And none of them do. I hate watching cable news on Sunday nights, nothing but canned features done on the cheap.



Okay, he does insert his opinions, but he doesn't rail at you like Keith Olberman (who I enjoy) or Rachel Maddow. (Just last night, he commented about the Rosie variety show and praised her for trying something different.) But for someone who doesn't watch him incessantly, I find Cooper appealing and balanced, and I like that in addition to being an anchor he can fill in for Regis or co-host a New Year's Eve special.

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Kathy,
Thanks for your post, didn't watch much TV today, getting ready for a N'Easter.

In my travels I learned that the new Fed Head, Tim Geitner's mother lives right around the corner!

I'm very curious about how Anderson Cooper will handle this New Year's Eve show with his co-host, of course, if we have power.

Happy New Year,


Anderson Cooper the next Cronkite or Jennings? What drug have you been smoking?

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Robert,

To your point, there probably will never be another Cronkite, but possibly a Jennings. Time marches on and we're all getting up there.

At first I thought it was a major snafu to take Cooper out of the field and make him an anchor. But he's doing it his way, in the field and anchoring.
I kind of like what's happening here and think he's the most promising of the cable news nets anchors.

Gravitas? Not yet, we shall see as he ages. At least he doesn't dye his hair:)

Happy New Year,

Hi Marianne,
I'm a fan of AC as well and enjoyed your point of view. He has an ease about him that you don't see much of from his counterparts. So many cable news anchors would be better suited announcing a monster truck rally. At some point I just have to say "Why am I watching you yelling at me?" and I turn the channel.
I love the odd playful chemistry of AC and Kathy Griffin. I hope they continue their New Year's Eve partnership for years to come.

Marianne Paskowski:

After all my planning i missed him and Griffin New Year's Eve, even forgot to TiVo it.

Read the subsequent coverage of her performance and I wonder if she'll be invited back. Remember, I guess she uttered a few profanities saying she didn't realize the mic was on?

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