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Marianne Paskowski

CNBC ‘Fast Money’ Host Ratigan Bolts?

March 30, 2009 11:38 AM

God, I felt like I got hit with a bolt of lightning when I read in many published reports today that Dylan Ratigan, who was the host of CNBC’s highly acclaimed “Fast Money,” reportedly left the network last Friday.

Dylan Ratigan

His contract expires tomorrow, but from all accounts he has his cap set on a bigger spot, namely a role at ABC News. Ratigan, who worked for CNBC for five years, also co-hosted “Closing Bell” with Maria Bartiromo, a veteran at the financial news network.

With the financial crisis growing, viewers need the passion and common sense that Ratigan delivers as he tries to make sense of this global economic mess for the layman.

Oddly enough, so far, CNBC has made absolutely no mention of his departure, even though he didn’t show up for duty Friday, and had been out earlier the week before with the flu.

So what’s the next platform for Ratigan? Some TV critics see him having his own late evening or early morning broadcast network show.

But could this just be a contract negotiation ploy on the part of CNBC?

Whatever, I miss the P.T. Barnum of TV financial news. May he return somewhere and soon.


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Hadn't heard the news. How sad. I really liked watching him on Fast Money and Closing Bell. Enjoyed him on Morning Joe as well. The guy must have worked 16 hour days to be on all of those shows.

Marianne Paskowski:

Everyone I know is just stunned, including members in the financial community. Dylan was a true advocate for the people, rallied against corporate America and the government, when with intelligence, grace, humility and humor.

I hope CNBC didn't snuff his voice because of his stands, and that this was his own decision.

Still not a peep all day, about his departure. He wasn't on "Closing Bell" today and let's see if CNBC says anything when "Fast Money" comes on in 25 minutes.

Who knows, maybe they're still talking, doesn't sound like it.

Thanks for your post....mp

WEll, when it comes to network "Mentality", one can never predict what the --ck they'll do.

Agents too get into the frecus and things can get really ego driven and out-of-hand.

Will he return? My guess, no. Things would have been worked out ahead of time if Execs and Biz Affairs wanted to "deal".

He's good at what he does and will land somewhere, unless there are situations behind the scenes that we know nothing about.

Who knows what evil lerks..."only the Shadow knows".
Peter Bright

Marianne Paskowski:

You're right, don't think Dylan will return to CNBC, agent's hubris, or his own, whatever.

I just wish that CNBC viewed Dylan more valuable than Jim Cramer, who has lost retail investors more money in the market with his inability to forget that he was a hedge fund trader.

But he's a suck up artist to the Street and CNBC.

Cannot believe how many people have been duped in by Cramer. If you look at the personal finance pages on Yahoo, you will see the human cry against Cramer.

At least Ratigan screamed for transparency, and unlike Cramer, didn't change his tune in a New York moment.

Good to hear from you...mp

Jeff Mulligan:


Dylan is certainly a class act. And stars at times overestimate their irreplacability when they negotiate. He'll land somewhere good, and CNBC will be the big loser while it parades its bloated-ego-biggie guests across the screen in interviews conducted by financial naifs.


Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Jeff,
CNBC is such a wimp. Apparently he is gone and there is no mention or let alone a tribute to the great work he has done for that network in these all important times.

I will miss his global perspective and how he never shilled for any stock or any company.


Yo, Blondie --

Welcome back! I thought the best blogger at TV Week had deserted the ship, maybe because it's sinking?

With you back, maybe not!

As for Ratigan, CNBC lets him go instead of keeping him, while giving loads of exposure to Jim Cramer--a one-man toxic asset, who Jon Stewart rightly denounced on air. CNBC has to keep the Wall Street charlatans, aka their advertisers, happy. CNBC doesn't need on-air talent questioning the interviewed bozos pushing their crappy investments.

Dylan Ratigan should team up with Suzi Orman so the public can get even more straight stuff about investing in this economy.

Cruisin not bruisin

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Cruiser,
The TV Week ship is still afloat as far as I know, so here I am, albeit cut back, considering the times

You know, I really, really felt bad about Ratigan today, he's a goner. I always hated covering NBCU, and maybe that's why I'm not, in part writing much for TV Week.

But when a financial TV news network lets the likes of Dylan Ratigan go, I'm gonna pipe in and say what needs to be said.

He often questioned the moves of CNBC's parent company GE. I'm glad he did and didn't sucker viewers into loser stocks like CNBC's Jim Cramer does.


Joe Guerin:

Ms. Paskowski,

Come on! Just another pinko apologist for the socialists in the White House, Ratigan had it coming. If he'd just have backed off and respected market forces the way he should, instead of buying into the meddling commie-inspired bailout restrictions cooked up by Hyde Park libs and their ilk, Ratigan would still be there, with parent company GE's blessing.


Marianne Paskowski:

Unlike you, Ratigan seemed to me platform agnostic, and said what had to be said...mp


I was disappointed when I read that you weren't going to be posting blogs much anymore, but I knew you couldn't not weigh on your beloved Dylan Ratigan! I recall you saying how much you liked him. Rightfully so, as I think he was the best thing on that network. I'm not sure I will watch Fast Money much anymore. The fill-in girl (I forget her name) is ok, but something just isn't right. That show "was" him. It's kinda like David Gregory on Meet the Press. He does a decent job, but he just isn't Tim Russert. Anyways, they sort of "announced" yesterday on Fast Money that she was going to be the new host. As you pointed out, I loved the way he was so honest about (my) parent company GE.

On the other hand, I have found the rumors to be interesting about why he left and where he might go. One rumor said he was upset that he didn't get Conan's spot. Seriously? As much as I like him, for him to think that he would get that spot is ridiculous! It very well might not be true though. And ABC? What would he do there? He would never get a M-F show on a broadcast net because there is no room for him and his name isn't quite "mainstream" enough. Maybe ABC would give him a Sunday morning financial show? Maybe the Fox Business Network will grab him and give him a very large role?

btw - hope to still see some of your blogs every now and then.

Marianne Paskowski:

Great to hear from you, and yes, I was just thunderstruck to read my guy Dylan was gone. His temporary replacement is Melissa Lee, and she just doesn't have his skills. "Fast Money" will lose ratings quickly, he was the show.

Haven't any idea where he will wind up but he said in some piece it will be three months rather than six. The bets are on ABC, where I don't know.

Yeah, I heard the "sorta" announcement on air about Lee, but not a word about Dylan. What whusses.

As for the future, I'll drop in when something really grabs me. Probably Dylan's next move:)

Chi-Town Mike:

Well this is the first that I heard of the news. Good to see our beat writer on top of the breaking news here. :)

It's kinda funny because I landed on closing bell the other day and didn't see him on but didn't really think anything about it. Dylan may not be as widely known as Cramer, but then again Dylan doesn't look like he's going to have a heart attack at any given moment like Jim either.

Hopefully everything works out for Dylan soon. An estimated 3 months may not long, but it's a lifetime with the current Wall Street that nobody wants to walk on...

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Chi,
Sorry to be the bearer of the bummer news about Dylan, but it's for real. The dolts have CNBC still have not said a word about his departure.
The show seems so flat without him, tried to watch yesterday and just gave up...m


Maybe President Obama fired him.

Professional Option Traders have MSNBC on, with the sound off, to check breaking news and the occasional 'Money Honey' interview that might affect the market.

TV, like radio, is a business of ratings.
Ratings are a result of talent, meaning that people want to watch and and listen to the person with the talent.
They do so because said talent provides what the show represents; be it amusement, entertainment, facts, affirmation of the beliefs of the viewer.
This adds up to the ability to charge advertisers to place their ads.

MSNBC has the lowest ratings of all cable networks. Maybe all television. So,outside of us, almost nobody knows of his existence.

It is logical to presume that Mister Ratigan went where the ratings are higher and gave himself a pay raise.
It may be he followed lead of John Stossel and went where there is a vastly larger audience, even with much less face time, so he could get his message to more people.

Bob Manzella:

Fast Money is just another show without Dylan. He was sanity in an otherwise crazy financial world.


Marianne Paskowski:

You got your nets mixed up here, I'm talking about CNBC, otherwise, I'm sure Ratigan would like a bigger platform, and remember we don't know where if anywhere he landed...mp

Marianne Paskowski:

Bob M,
Couldn't agree more with you, can barely stand to watch it, still in withdrawal over Dylan...m

Lois Schaeneman:

Devastated and missing Dylan Ratigan on Fast Money. His personality, his intelligence, his deep and thorough understanding of today's financial market CANNOT be replaced. It WAS my favorite show. So long Fast Money.

We want Ratigan.

Marianne Paskowski:

Hiya Fast Money fan, I'm still bummed about this, have nothing new to report, accept I don't think we will see him anywhere for a couple of months, contract kinks.

This was my fave, too.



I sent a gift to the Fast Money Show for Dylan.
They sent it back, claiming he didnt leave a forwarding address. Does anyone know how I can get this Gift to Dylan? Thanks

Marianne Paskowski:

How sweet are you? I know he still lives in lower Manhattan, has a puppy and you can try to do an in-depth Google search.

That's all I know. Let us know, the show blows without him and I don't think we'll see him on air for awhile.

Thanks for you post, glad to hear I'm not the only fan up here.


Bernard M.:

I watch Cramer from time to time. He has come to be the Rush Limbaugh of the financial world. His ranting on and on about a stock reminds me so of the right wing character. And both are extremely wealthy. Last night he went on and on about CORNING as if it were the only security in the entire market. Since he is mainly wrong in his predictions, I sold at once before his fools could and was able to buy back at a much lower price. His calling for a DOW of 5500 still rings in my ears.


GE holder for 32 years. Sold it all. No faith
in ass H.... Fast money is going to the dogs
Melissa Lee and the panel need their bones. Kudlow and Cramer a mess. CNBC loosing ground

Marianne Paskowski:

Could this be Bernard Maddoff be mailing from jail? Cramer is an idiot, I watch to learn to do exactly the opposite of whatever he is pushing for his charitable trust..mp

Marianne Paskowski:


Made hubs sell GE last year and he thanks me every day:) CNBC is not the same without Dylan. I'm watching it now, and the energy is gone...mp

CA Charlie:

Dylan is still missed although Melissa is doing what she can. Thank God Mackie is still there. I say get rid of the "THE CALL" 8pm PCT. I turn the tv off when those bozo's start yacking at each other. Non-sense.

NO Kudlow:

Lte's start a campaign for "NO MORE KUDLOW". PLEASE!!!!!

Marianne Paskowski:


Melissa Lee is a joke, the Fast Money Regulars constantly correct her, as they should. They obviously miss Dylan. I hate the mid day Fast Money segment, no energy.


Marianne Paskowski:

NO Kudlow,

Well, I'll try, but I'm in your camp, I hate his rhetoric and those stupid mustard seeds.

But I don't really work here anymore, I just drop in. So let's get a campaign going to urge TV Week to pay me again:)


MSNBC. Who would have thought that? I sure didn't. Staying in the NBCU family.

If he does well, look for him to also get the 10P spot following Racheal Maddow.

Marianne Paskowski:

Well that was a shock, but a great one, so much so I'm following up with another blog tomorrow and the hoops I'll have to jump through to watch him on MSNBC, thanks to Comcast.

I'd rather see him in day time rather than late night where he can help you make investing/trading moves.

Good to hear from you, I'm sorta here, sorta not, waiting to see how TV Week's transition to online only works.


Agree with NO KUDLOW!!
His unrelenting, irrational cheerleading is not inspiring it is insipid, condescending drivel

Marianne Paskowski:

Kudlow should know better, he worked in the Regan administration, but things have changed a lot, and I don't think he gets it at all.


Fast Money sucks without Ratigan! GE should fire anyone involved in losing that talent!!!!

Marianne Paskowski:

Sometimes things don't work out, hence my absence from this space. Glad Dylan got another gig, so move over to MSNBC.

All the people I worked for here are fired or left.

So, I devote myself to fast money, covered calls and any other instrument that generates realized income.

Tough being a journalist these days..mp

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