In the television business, you are where you eat as much as you are what you eat.

TelevisionWeek Managing Editor Melissa Grego is tapping into Hollywood's penchant for the working meal with her TVWeek.com feature, Mel's Diner. Ms. Grego sits down with television industry players at their favorite restaurants, giving readers a window into the minds -- and appetites -- of industry heavyweights.

As each Mel's Diner guest dishes about what they're working on, planning and thinking about, Ms. Grego provides a unique view of the television business from the insiders perspective.

TVWeek.com invites fans of Mel's Diner to report back in the comments section on the meals, deals, or anything at all that is eating them about what the featured players have to say.

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Mel's Diner

Mel's Diner: Steve Mosko

January 16, 2007 12:43 PM

Who: Steve Mosko, president, Sony Pictures Television
When: Oct. 2, 2006
Where: The Grille, Beverly Hills, corner booth

Dined On: Steve ordered liver and onions and a baked potato -- then he offered an explanation.

Steve said he had run into a friend who had lost weight and asked him how he did it.

The friend referred Steve to a service that provides lists of the best things to eat for your particular, um, blood.

So Steve mailed off a vial. In return he received laminated note cards in the mail that he keeps in his wallet. They list tips on the best foods for him to eat. He showed them to me, and indeed they recommended liver and onions.

The Dish: While many studio executives continue to fret about the threats and ambiguity associated with the promise of new media, Steve, a veteran executive and salesman, appears to take change in stride.

He has endured numerous corporate restructures and competed for years as a program supplier without a major co-owned network or station group.

“Do I look stressed out?” he said.

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Marianne Paskowski:

Liver and onions. I don't eat organs which are repositories for poisons. Tell Mosko to rethink his diet. Love your blog.



C'mon, let him eat! It's good for you (http://thegrill.com/subsection.cfm?subsections_id=36)

Marianne Paskowski:

About our dietary differences: Do you work for The Grill? Saw your link, it wasn't a hot link, but maybe I'll check it out later. But not for now. No offense intended here, just worried about Mosko's diet.

I'm sure he appreciates us all discussing his personal life up here:}. But I obviously have very strong aversions about ingesting organs. Tell me otherwise.

Yuck again,


Mel, I absolutely love this blog! I'm serious - it has inspired me to write one on my own entitled "Doggy-Bag." It's me blogging of my envy for your kind, fun personality and journalism talents; waiting patiently for just a scrap of it to fall off of your plate. It never will, I know, but this ole' dog just likes be near the great new friend that you are. Keep up the good work! J

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