TVWeek.com is proud to welcome a trio of prominent executives who will be our eyes and ears on the French Riviera at this year’s MIPTV international television market.

The three companies these gentlemen represent all figure to be involved with some of the biggest deals to take place in Cannes, whether it’s program acquisition, sales, technology, or developing new platforms.

Mr. Neil Braun is president of distribution and marketing for Starz Media, a U.S. company heading to MIP for the first time. Sean Cohan is senior VP, International for A&E Television Networks and will be at the market with the goal of managing and expanding A&E Television Networks’ brands and services outside the U.S. Greg Moyer serves as general manager of Voom HD Networks, and will be at MIP to explore new avenues for his brand.

As the world gets smaller, all three of these companies figure to play bigger roles both within the United States and around the world. Their blogs will provide insights to the market that you won’t find anywhere else.


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AETN's First Postcard from the Palais

April 13, 2007 11:05 AM

Sean Cohan, AETN's Postcards from the Palais

AETN International is a bit different from other exhibitors at MIP TV, making our market objectives a bit more complex. We are both buyer and seller – and our activities including content syndication to free, pay TV, and digital media outlets, format licensing, program acquisitions, and of course operating a growing suite of international channels.

With so many different types of companies attending MIP TV and our diverse mix of businesses, it can be uniquely productive week – to the tune of 15-20 meetings per day per AETN team member. Goals for this market include:

1. Continued growth in international syndication, including "Sons of Hollywood," "Blood Diamonds," and "Criss Angel Mindfreak."

2. Deepening our relationships with key channel distribution partners – and thinking with them about how our brands – The History Channel, The Biography Channel, Crime & Investigation Network, The History Channel HD – match their needs and captivate subs.

3. Continued development of our digital media practice – exploiting the range of programming we have available and our strong partner roster; rollout of our newest products.

4. Strategic and operational planning sessions with our local channel management continue to drive growth across our markets.

5. Getting a few moments of sleep and a few minutes away from the Groundhog Day feeling at the Palais, Majestic, Carleton, and Martinez. [This last one is nearly impossible].

Look forward to checking in with you over the next few days to give you the updates!

Sean Cohan is Senior Vice President, International for A&E Television Networks.


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