TVWeek.com is proud to welcome a trio of prominent executives who will be our eyes and ears on the French Riviera at this year’s MIPTV international television market.

The three companies these gentlemen represent all figure to be involved with some of the biggest deals to take place in Cannes, whether it’s program acquisition, sales, technology, or developing new platforms.

Mr. Neil Braun is president of distribution and marketing for Starz Media, a U.S. company heading to MIP for the first time. Sean Cohan is senior VP, International for A&E Television Networks and will be at the market with the goal of managing and expanding A&E Television Networks’ brands and services outside the U.S. Greg Moyer serves as general manager of Voom HD Networks, and will be at MIP to explore new avenues for his brand.

As the world gets smaller, all three of these companies figure to play bigger roles both within the United States and around the world. Their blogs will provide insights to the market that you won’t find anywhere else.


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'Groundhog Day' Draws to a Close

April 19, 2007 1:23 PM

Sean Cohan, AETN's Postcards from the Palais

Back with the update on the last two days of MIP TV 2007. Lots to talk about:

Great awards dinner on Wednesday night, with the International Academy honoring the International Interactive Emmy Nominees and winners. Our UK joint venture partner, BSkyB received extremely well-deserved kudos for its visionary efforts in interactive media with Sophie Turner-Laing accepting the International Academy’s Pioneer Award. We’re proud to call them our partner in a strong series of brands and services in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, the Benelux, Greece and Africa. Congrats to Sophie and BSkyB, and, of course, to the International Academy on another successful event.

As for AETN-specific developments at the market: Another big announcement for The History Channel on Wednesday – the channel will launch with Telenet in Belgium in just a few weeks (May 1) and will also be featured as part of the platform’s VoD offering. Coupled with our recent announcements in Scandinavia and Southeast Asia, safe to say that the channel has strong momentum in its 11th year of international broadcast. Its High Def sibling, The History Channel HD has drawn a ton of interest from partners and distributors alike and our other brands, like The Biography Channel, which just two weeks ago launched in Germany, have some great energy around them heading into the summer. In sum, we’ll have launched seven AETN branded channels in the first six months of 2007! More to come in the second half of the year.

Continued success for program sales: Sales and strong interest in Biography, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe (sales in Romanian and Russia and interest from the Czech Republic to Belgium). Sons of Hollywood was also a hit with European buyers looking to snap up this latest hip instalment of AETN’s real-life series. A few deals to announce in the UK and Spain as well. Amongst our buyers in Asia, the frequently-screened Ancient Discoveries has been a sought-after commodity amongst buyers.

Several important digital media deals advanced this market. VoD, broadband and mobile – to be announced in the months to come. Seems like every market, digital media permeates more and more of even the most traditional conversations. It has gotten to the point where a conversation about just one platform is becoming the exception rather than the rule.

And so a very successful market comes to a close. Lots of key announcements and deals done - - plus a ton learned about our clients, partners and producers - - and even more follow-up to be done over the next few weeks and months …. Some sleep to catch up on for our dedicated, tireless team … And another “Groundhog Day” in Cannes draws to a close, with spring, if not summer, definitely underway there. Let’s hope the beautiful weather spreads beyond Europe to those of us in the States.

We look forward to continuing the great momentum and partnerships forged leading up to and during the market and seeing all very soon in London, Singapore, Budapest Amsterdam, Berlin, Mexico City, Sydney and a million other places. And if not, we’ll see all again at the Palais, Grand, Majestic, Carlton or airport customs in only six months. Until then, Cheers!

Sean Cohan is Senior Vice President, International for A&E Television Networks.


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