TelevisionWeek has eyes and ears at NATPE, with Andrew Krukowski, Josef Adalian and Greg Baumann roaming the floor and the suites to give readers the buzz in Las Vegas. Check back frequently for the sightings, asides and hallway murmurs that make NATPE a can’t-miss syndication event.


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Oprah Gawker/Stalker

December 5, 2008 9:11 AM

Fantasy scenario: Oprah at NATPE. Yeah, she doesn’t have any obvious reason to go unless she likes the tables or the sports books. (Spas and restaurants, maybe?) But with syndication Kremlinologists like myself parsing every word Oprah says about her career plans, the prospect sets journalists salivating. Of course, that salivation will certainly be restricted to the parties and buffets.

—Greg Baumann


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