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Web Success Recipe: Luck and Strategy

January 29, 2009 11:31 AM

Making a hit Web series is a little bit of luck, talent and business acumen. That's the takeaway from "Anatomy of a Hit Web Series," a NATPE panel I'm observing right now.

The parenting advice series "DadLabs" landed one of its major sponsors at a trade show, said Clay Nichols, the chief creative officer with the show. Baby Bjorn has been an ongoing advertiser in "DadLabs" and the relationship grew out of meeting executives fro the baby product
company at parenting trade show, Mr. Nichols said. "We loved their products and someone at the company had started watching our show so we said, 'Do you want to come on board and sponsor a show?'" he explained.

"DadLabs" was a good fit for Baby Bjorn because part of Baby Bjorn's mission is to get dads more involved in parenting, Mr. Nichols said.

For the Crackle.com Web series "Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine," landing its deal with the Sony-owned site was pure luck, said Kim Evey, producer for the show. "We had the product and it happened to hit at the right time. It was luck," she said.

Brian Brushwood, the host of Revision3's bar tricks show "Scam School," explained during the session that he'd originally planned to launch the show on his own. But as he was buying hi-def cameras, he decided instead to reach out to Revision3. The online TV network was
interested in financing and distributing "Scam School," so the show launched as a Revision3 series. That partnership funds the show and also keeps the production values high, Mr. Brushwood said.

With 50 episodes under his belt, his goal now is to expand the number of tricks he offers. "It's like going back to my early days of magic and asking friends 'Can I show you a trick?' to make sure it works before we do it for the show."
—Daisy Whitney


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