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January 16, 2007 4:09 PM

Surprise, surprise. After a slow December, it’s all coming out now. Fox announced that their hybrid game show, “Temptation” has wrested a clearance from the Fox owned MNT stations in major markets. And Warner Brothers announced yesterday a deal for all the Fox owned Fox affiliates for “TMZ.com.” Not to be outdone, and having put a syndicated version of “Deal or No Deal” on hold, NBCU announced a new replacement show that could be a killer—literally. Unofficially, it’s the bald-headed security guard from the Jerry Springer Show (hosted by Jerry’s long time head of security, Steve Wilkos). Tribune is announcing its pick up of the show, potentially to replace Greg Behrendt, which hasn’t met anyone’s expectations, but stations are obligated to continue through the rest of the year.

And Merv Griffin has a new show. Have you heard? “Let’s Play Crosswords”—it’s “Wheel of Fortune” meets “Jeopardy,” from the most successful game show producer in the history of syndication. Like it? I do!


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Mike Dudas:

With the imminent announcement of a fourth hour of "Today," does that mean an end to "Passions"?

Oh, the show "Passions". That's different. Yes, that's what we've heard.

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