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Oh Brother!

It's Eviction Night in the House

July 31, 2008 11:10 AM

Michele Greppi: "Big Brother 10" has added a great twist on a previous twist, and it couldn't come at a better time.

The concept of "America's Player" is back, but only for a week at a time, with the chosen one secretly doing whatever the majority of voting viewers orders him or her to do—if the Player accepts the challenge and the chance to win a $20,000 for accomplishing the tasks.

So we won't have to spend an entire season listening to twerpy Eric brag about his Player exploits all season, as we did until he was finally evicted in "BB8."

I voted five times for Jessie and five times for Libra last night. "BB" allows, even encourages, voting early and often.

My reasoning: I think either Jessie or Libra would leap at the chance to play dirty for a chance at some extra money or advantage, and if Jessie is evicted Thursday night, Libra could become the Player and hang an even bigger target on her back. At this point, every time she proposes and pushes a strategy, she's going to earn even more distrust from her alliance.

Jessie has at least accomplished that this week, even if he doesn't save himself with all his similes and analogies and simple-minded single-mindedness.

I am sooooooo psyched about getting a chance to help pin the tail on at least one different ass each week.

Josef Adalian: I'm equally excited about the return of America's Player—especially since this time, producers have wisely decided to let America choose its own Player. I'll get to my vote(s) for AP, but first a few words about Tuesday's episode.

I'm beginning to wonder if Jessie is deliberately trying to get himself voted out. How else to explain J-Pec's senseless tirades against poor Keesha? He basically told her that she'd be a moron not to take him off the block. In true Jessie fashion, he made himself into a martyr, comparing himself to someone wrongly convicted of a crime. Someone get this kid a diaper and a rattle, stat. Phil Graham clearly had Jessie in mind when he called us a nation of whiners.

Thankfully, Janelle Jr.—er, Keesha—stuck to her guns. She realized it made no sense for her to create a third enemy in the house.

Unfortunately, Angie demonstrated she has only a few more brain cells than Jessie. She lobbied hard for Keesha to take Jessie off the block, a move that made her look like nothing more than a Libra-loathing tool of Jessie.

I kept hoping either Keesha or Angie would come to their senses and realize they could be a potent force in the house if they secretly teamed up. If Jessie gets the boot this week, the women of the house will hold a 6-to-4 advantage over the guys. Given Jerry's lack of physical prowess, that would leave just three strong male threats in the house. The women have this game in the bag—if they would only realize it.

Meanwhile, back to America's Player. I like your choices, Greppi, but I'd like to see Dan or Jerry get the nod. Dan is so impressed with himself that I'd like to see his game of faux weakness shaken up by his being forced to do some crazy things. Jerry also would be a fun choice, if only because I have no doubt he's a horrible actor who would have trouble taking orders from viewers.

Anyway, eviction is Thursday. I'm gonna go out on a limb and bet Angie finds a way to stay in the house. If there's any justice, Jessie will soon be saying howdy to Julie.

Michele Greppi: Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe. Please stop insulting Janelle by referring to her in the same breath as Keesha. You also are giving Jessie way too much credit.

A move against Libra would have won Keesha more support and respect, not less. Now it's just a matter of time until she's picked off with the help of the alliance that's hog-tying her. She'll leave whining, "But I gave my word, that's just the kind of person I am."

As for Angie, I think her save-Jessie suggestion was part Br'er Rabbit, part resignation letter. She's in a no-win, no-fun position should she survive the eviction vote. The briar patch is looking like a luxury vacation right about now to her.

Unless America's Player gets deployed in a game-changing way that breaks the grip of the majority, which, as you've already suggested, Jerry cannot do. And I don't think Dan is ready to show that sort of muscle, which we have only his word for at this point, anyway.

That's why I voted for two people we already know consider themselves master manipulators but who are laughably oblivious to just how grating and obvious they are.

Josef Adalian: To be clear, I don't think Keesha comes anywhere close to filling Janelle's shoes (or any other form of apparel). But she's clearly fashioning herself as a Janelle wannabe, what with all her talk of "shaking things up."

I really don't get your—or the house's animus—toward Libra. I don't think she's done anything clever enough to warrant such disdain. Jessie, on the other hand, gets more annoying by the minute. Please let him be evicted Thursday. Barring that, maybe another earthquake will scare him out of the house.


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I agree. I think Libra can be overbearing at times (esp when on on slop), but she doesn't deserve this wrath. Still, people are always looking for a scapegoat. It wouldn't have been smart for Keesha to betray her. She might have earned respect, but where does that get you in the Big Brother house? Look at Dan. Jessie said he respected Dan so much for being loyal to Brian, and then cut to Sunday's episode and Jessie was pushing for Dan to go on the block.

Keesha can't afford at this juncture to alienate her own alliance. All that will do will burn bridges with April and Ollie and place her at the bottom of the Jessie-Michelle-Memphis-Angie totem pole.

If she were smart, she'd team up with Dan and Renny and work a covert alliance that would play the other groups against each other...

Jon Reiner:

Assuming Jessie isn't evicted tonight, I think he has the potential to be one of the most memorable BB dopes ever. His hubris, coupled with his youth and lack of people skills, make him a huge target -- but he's almost laughably oblivious to his shortcomings.

He's a tool who will try to use people and allow himself to be used until he outlives his shelf-life in the game.

Good stuff...

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