"Big Brother" is the reality show critics love to hate. But for passionate fans of the unscripted CBS soap opera, summer would be a bummer without it. That includes TVWeek editors Michele Greppi and Josef Adalian, who’ve decided to chronicle their “Brother”-ly love via regular blog postings. From the first HOH competition to the last "But first…" to fall from the lips of the Chenbot, they’ll be serving up their unfiltered take on life inside TV’s most dysfunctional house of horrors.


Oh Brother!

Putting the 'B-Side' in 'Big Brother'

July 30, 2008 1:33 PM

That wacky B-Side is at it again.

One of the Internet's biggest "Big Brother" fans—besides, of course, your resident "Oh, Brother" correspondents—Mr. Side has a history of putting together incredibly clever tributes to our favorite show.

A couple of years ago, he assembled the classic Julie Chen/"But First" video, which you can still find here.

His latest creation is almost as funny. It's a montage of (senior) moments featuring the crowd-pleasing Renny and the increasingly oblivious Jerry. Mary! St. Joseph! It's very funny.

—Josef Adalian


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