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Oh Brother!

Tuesday: Libra's a Goner … or Is She?

August 13, 2008 12:58 PM


Josef Adalian: Things weren’t looking good for Libra on Tuesday’s episode of “Big Brother.” Jerry—the elderly Marine who’s all bark and zero bite—declined to use the POV, allowing Libra to remain on the block with Keesha. Unless Michelle suddenly has a change of heart, it would seem Libra is days away from the sequester house.

Of course, because the hamsters love nothing more than creating drama out of nothing at all, there’s always a chance the April-Ollie-Jerry trio could decide to surprise Michelle and keep Libra. On last night’s “Big Brother After Dark,” some of Jerry’s whisperings to Aollie (April+Ollie) indicated that just might happen. Dan would have to vote out Keesha for that plan to work—and I don’t see Dan aligning himself with that gang.

It’s all irrelevant, really. Unless Libra is actually willing to form an alliance with Aollie—and not just promise to form an alliance in order to stay around another week—Libra and Keesha are interchangeable to the balance of power in the house.

The bad news for “Big Brother” fans is that Jerry seems to be safe for several weeks, no matter what happens. The Renny-Memphis-Dan-Libra-Keesha alliance (let’s call ’em Truth or Dare, since they spend hours playing that game) have decided that April and Ollie must go. And if Aollie manage to grab power on Thursday, it seems likely they’d go after a power player such as Memphis, or whoever survives this week’s eviction vote.

That leaves the Colonel out of the line of fire. And that’s a shame. Because the man must go home. Now.

His “Judas” speech to Dan was one of the most ridiculous speeches in “BB” history—and there have been many. If you’re going to rail against someone, you’d better back it up with actions. What’s more, Jerry seemed to think that by using the veto, it was a given Michelle would put up Dan. Anyone who’s seen a minute of “BBAD” knows that wouldn’t have happened.

Why does Jerry continue to feel the need to play the game on the same level as the kids? At one point, Jerry was seen angrily giving the finger to Dan, who was in the next room. Get over it, Marine! Dan didn’t stab you in the back. He lied when you asked him who he was supporting.

The good news is that Jerry’s endless rants against Dan are backfiring within the house. April and Ollie are sick of him. Memphis has his own beef with the old man. Michelle resents Jerry’s presumptuousness. Renny can’t stand the Colonel’s sexism.

Eventually, the house will turn its attention to Jerry. That day can’t come soon enough for me.

Michele Greppi: The what-ifs on the stupid choices made this season will go on long after “BB10.” The first bad decision was voting Jerry the first Head of Household before they’d even entered the house or had a chance to even meet each other.

They figured him for a toothless tiger. As we know now, he is indeed toothless—taking care of his dental ablutions before the rest of the house is up—but he takes so much care and feeding that he’s become second only to Libra in sheer annoyance quotient.

He’s intrusive, giving Aprollie (my nickname for the coosome twosome, and I’m sticking to it) romantic advice and exchanging kisses and baby-talk nicknames when he tucks them into bed and turns out the light. “Don’t be giggling too much,” he said last night on “BBAD” and headed for his room. “’Night, Pap-Pap,” replied Oillie, faithful consort to wanna-be queen bee April.


He’s no fun in a conversation, all talkus interruptus and enough about you, let’s talk about me repeating what I’ve said about you. His mean streak is showing itself to be wider than the white stripe down a skunk’s back.

Everyone who wanted to target Jerry early on for his floating strategy, and his ability to annoy, is going to kick themselves as he floats toward the $500,000.

If Aprollie and Jerry do not pull off their scheme to keep Libra and boot Keesha, Jerry may appear to the dwindling number of houseguests to be the safest person to take to the final two, because everyone who will have been sent to sequester dislikes him so much. Anyone who sits next to him will win by default and the winner would not feel any guilt about squaring off against an ally.

Does anyone want to watch house feeds on the Web or “BBAD” if it’s just Jerry in the final twosome in the house? All together now: Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

One last thought from me for the day: I would adore “Big Brother” producers if they would put together a montage of all the nicknames and euphemisms used for sex acts and body parts by houseguests who have endless tee-hee-hee talks.

Yuk! Yuk! And I don’t mean that in a ha-ha way.

Oh, one last thought: Given the inclination of both Libra and Jerry to shoot off their mouths, tonight’s appearance on “The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson” and Thursday’s live (barring any preemptions for local NFL coverage) eviction could be deliciously messy. I hope Renny rethinks her plan to pop on a pink wig for “Late Late.” I don’t know if she means the one with the pigtails or the long glittery razor-cut number. Either way, it would divert attention from Libra and Jerry, who could produce some squirm-inducing great television.

Over and out, Joe.

Josef Adalian: Not much more from the West Coast, Greppi. Glad to see we share the same opinion on Grandpa Simpson. I also have to admit “Aprollie” is better than “Aollie.” We could get fancy and call ‘em “Aioli,” but they’re not fancy folks. So “Aprollie” it is.


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I still haven't decided if this is the real Jerry, or just the pressures of the house (and being on slop) getting to him. Regardless, he's the scumbag...not Dan.

I don't watch the feeds but do follow regular updates, and the post-feast fight was butchered in editing.

I like both Aollie, but Aprollie rolls off the tongue better.

michele greppi:

I think Jerry has ended to want to be The Man, The Fount of All Knowledge, and to have the last word from the get-go, Firecat.
I just think we were reluctant to think ill of a 75-year-old. But I've long since decided he gives old folks (and I am one) a bad name.
Ever since Renny did her impression of him -- walking without moving much more than his feet, I laugh every time he moves ... unless he's talking while he walks.
BTW, I agree that the cut-down version of the most recent fight left a lot to be desired.

michele greppi:

oops! that should read "Jerry has tended to want to be" in the first sentence of my reply. I suffered a momentary bout of spellzheimers.

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