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Oh Brother!

America's Player Makes Welcome Return

August 1, 2008 11:09 AM

Michele Greppi: Keesha, Keesha, Keesha. Dumb, dumb, dumb to not change your game plan and orchestrate the ouster of Jessie instead of Angie. Now you’ve got a more vicious enemy in the house than Angie, whose biggest sin might have been to not be one of the girly girls who brought a boutique-sized supply of Barbie clothes and nail polish.

What a wonderful laugh Angie let out upon hearing Julie Chen announce to Thursday’s “Big Brother 10” audience that America’s Player is back to do viewers’ bidding. Dan, the Catholic school teacher who has been bragging about laying low, accepted the challenge and the prospect of winning $20,000 if he succeeds.

I’ve already split my 10 votes equally for him to work to get Keesha and Libra nominated for eviction.

Let’s see how long Keesha, who has the world’s most annoying laugh and a childlike strategic capacity, would stand by her alliance with Libra, who has an uncanny knack for annoying everyone.

First we have to see who wins the head of household competition, which had all the remaining houseguests except Keesha perched on a ledge in an endurance competition last night.

If Dan wins HOH, it ought to make the $20,000 the easiest money he’s ever made.

Frankly, I’d rather see Jessie repeat as head of household and count the hours Michelle spends in his bedroom and he spends in front of the mirror. Jessie as HOH might still allow Dan to make $20,000 the easy way.

Josef Adalian: At one point last night, Ollie blurted out that America must think, “We’re the dumbest cast” ever to play “Big Brother.” After last night’s unanimous ouster of Angie, I’m certainly not going to challenge that assertion.

Really, guys? Jessie prances around the house dissing everyone in sight, making life miserable—and you throw out Angie because…? Could Keesha be so small that she would execute Angie simply because she’s not girly-girl enough? Or did the other hamsters in the house sense that Angie actually had a few brain cells knocking around in her head and decide they couldn’t take a chance of letting Ms. Smartypants stick around another week?

I have only questions, no answers.

Anyway, when last we left the houseguests, most of them were stuck on a ledge competing for head of household. If you don’t follow the live feeds, you might want to bail out now, because we’re about to discuss who won. Or, as the kiddies say, SPOILER ALERT.

So, in the I-didn’t-see-that-coming department, April—aka Ms. “I Know How to Handle a Man (Especially If His Name Is Ollie)”—managed to win HOH. Wow. I truly have no idea how she’ll change things up in the house. In order to win, she promised Michelle she wouldn’t nominate her—or Jessie. (Michelle really is hoping for a showmance with Jessie, I suppose.)

My hope is that America will force Dan to lobby for April to put up Jessie, forcing her to go back on her word. Anything to get J-Pecs out of the house. I don’t think I can take one more diary room session with his tortured syntax. That guy bugs me from toe to head.

Michele Greppi: The HOH competition seemed to clear the air and clarify some underlying issues. On “Big Brother After Dark,” there was a real sense that April, Michelle and even Renny had earned respect, and maybe newfound affection, from each other—and the other houseguests—for literally hanging in during what plainly was a test of physical and mental toughness that the guys didn’t match.

It was funny watching Jessie take care of Michelle, who collapsed first in tears in her bed and then in his arms. Could bed be far behind?

It was intriguing to see how comfortable Ollie has become with the presumption that he will share April’s supersized HOH bed and be her consort for the week.

It also was amusing to see who seemed unusually subdued.

Keesha, who as former HOH was ineligible for the competition, just waited for the clock to strike midnight and signal she’s now 30. Her confessions of raucous moments from her 20s provided her best moments all week. I’m not surprised she had dated a Laker, but I am surprised she ’fessed up to having awakened next to someone whose name she didn’t know or that she’d made out with a “random celebrity” whose name she didn’t share.

April declared a game-free night when Jerry began lobbying, a message that left Libra without her most frequent conversational gambit: trashing others. Libra took refuge in her kajillionth manicure and a little bit of eye-rolling in Jerry’s direction.

Could all this add up to the glue for another alliance? I hope so, because it’s way past time for a different ethos to dominate in the house.

When “BBAD” ended, the houseguests had yet to receive a ration of wine. Bad form on the part of “BB.” This crew had earned it, well, except for Keesha, who was actually begging for it.

Josef Adalian: It will be interesting to see if April’s rise to power finally puts a spotlight on her showmance with Ollie. So far, there’s been little talk—at least on the show—about their closeness. You’d think that would threaten some houseguests. If she’s smart, April will distance herself a bit from Ollie this week. She’s inevitably going to make some enemies this week; she’ll make things worse for herself if her alliance with Ollie seems too strong.

I think there’s a good chance Jerry goes on the block this week. If he’s up with Jessie, I will be a happy camper.


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