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Oh Brother!

Jessie's Gone, But His Ghost Lingers

August 8, 2008 3:49 PM

Jessie Godderz Leaving Big Brother

Josef Adalian: Last night, just minutes after being blindsided by an eviction he didn't foresee, the young Jessie Godderz was asked by Julie Chen to participate in a simple word association game. Just say the first thing that comes to mind when I mention the name of one of your fellow houseguests. Not a particularly tough challenge for someone who's spent the last month locked in a house with nothing to do but interact with a dozen other folks.

When Julie brought up the name of Jerry, the cranky seventysomething ex-Marine, Jessie was dumbfounded. "This is hard," he said. Julie asked again. He finally mumbled something about the Colonel (as Jerry is known) being in really good shape.

A minute later, Julie twisted things up a bit. Rather than throw out the name of another houseguest, she said Jessie's name. He didn't even have to blink before shooting back the first thing that came to mind. "The Man," he said.

Yup, that pretty much sums up J-Pecs. Possibly the least self-aware human being ever to appear on a reality game, Jessie's eviction really was an act of mercy. Every week he stayed in the house would have simply resulted in more embarassing video tape that Jessie would have to live down. There are already enough shots of Jessie acting a fool—by staring at himself in the mirror, murdering similes and metaphors or displaying a complete lack of interest in anybody else but himself—to haunt the poor man for a decade.

(These disturbing images might also haunt Jessie for years.)

As Greppi has pointed out previously, I think there is a bit of heart deep down below all those muscles. But we rarely saw it since Jessie was too busy focusing on figuring out what's best for himself. He truly didn't care about any of his other houseguests. Even his pal Michelle existed simply as someone there to protect him and his interests—a role, it seems, she'll continue to play even after Jessie's ouster.

That's because, proving once again that the "BB" gods have a mighty sense of humor, the loud-mouthed Michelle somehow ended up winning the "HOH" competition Thursday night. If she had an ounce of brainpower, Michelle would use this amazing gift to position herself for a long future in the game. Instead, I have no doubt she'll act solely out of revenge, putting little thought into how she can use her new power to extend her stay.

That likely means a certain exit for either Keesha, Libra or Dan. If Dan's lucky, the "BB" braintrust will rule that he's allowed to tell his peers that he had no voice in this week's eviction. After all, he had fulfilled his mission—he should be free to save his butt. Plus, I'd love to see Michelle's reaction when she discovers America wanted her would-be boy toy out of the house.

While part of me would have loved to have seen the remaining Band of Morons (April, Ollie, Jerry, Michelle) out of power for a week, wacky Michelle in power should be fun to watch (especially on "Big Brother After Dark," where she's certain to rant away). Plus, I'm more than ready to see Libra hit sequester house. She may be smarter than Jessie, but she's every bit as manipulative and self-absorbed—and her presence will not be missed.

One last thing: Can we please forever ban the phrase "game on" from reality shows? I mean, the game is on the second one starts the game. We don't need any arbitrary declarations of when the game really begins.

Take it away, Greppi.

Michele Greppi: If we started banning banal phrases, Joe, the houseguests would be, you know, I mean, left, like, you know, nothing, well, you know. The only time you can count on them finishing a thought is when they are shouting "[expletive] you."

I look forward the Michelle's reign because she can be a trip when she's angry, and she has a hair-trigger temper, which is only right since she has the biggest hair in the house.

The Band of Morons, as you call them, especially at Dan telling him they had his vote only to vote with Memphis' allies—as if they had played straight since they came into the house. They are going to beat the Catholic school teacher over the head with his religion, as if the dearly, dearly departed Jessie hasn't bowed his head before eating his meals and then lied about everyone he didn't like.

And, sorry, Joe, but he took the $20,000 challenge. He's got the money. He shouldn't get the easy way out now.

Jerry is particularly outraged that Dan took off his cross to cast the vote houseguests don't know was dictated by America, as if Jerry in Week 1 hadn't taken off his Marine wear to go back on his word at insistence of the Confederacy of Dunces.

But they loathe Libra—who seemed dangerously oblivious to the subtext of the audience question on the live "BB" about staing away from her 6-month-old twins for yet another week for a Hawaiian vacation she chose over a letter from home.

Keesha is considered the string puller for rebellion of the puppets. Michelle did an entertaining impression of the puppets after Keesha's strings had been cut. She also continued to lie about the airborne banner her alliance had falsely said labeled Libra a liar. Julie Chen said last week the banner had nothing to so with "Big Brother."

Michelle and Memphis appeared to have quickly come to some kind of understanding that may prove productive.

Renny, who was reduced to tears by Michelle's letter from home, may be able to skate this week.

Memphis has begun lobbying for Michelle to break up the coosome twosome of April and Ollie, or Aprollie, by nominating them both. Michelle is pragmatic enough to see the strategic logic in that.

But right now, she's still wanting to punish those she holds responsible for Jessie's eviction.

One could argue that Aprollie is responsible, because they chose a strategy that was clearly not in the best interests of their puppet alliance they expected to willingly put themselves in jeopardy and save Jessie so Aprollie could advance.

The week ahead promises the best back-stabbing, double-dealing. eavesdropping and name-calling yet.

Flame on, Joe.

BTW: In one of the more bizarre litmus tests of the pop cultural literacy of "BB10" houseguests, Renny late last night told Keesha that she was looking like Brigitte Bardot.

Keesha's reply: "Who's that?"

Note to Keesha: Brigitte Bardot defined sex in the '60s and when she laughed (or crunched and slurped on an apple with her mouth open near her microphone), it didn't shatter the mood.

That's it from me today, Joe. I was up until 4:30 a.m. just to watch the "HOH" competition (see separate "Heidi" post).

Josef Adalian: I'm all talked out, too. Besides, I'm still reeling from my post-eviction interview with Jessie. More details to come!


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Great blog! Linked from B-Side, but I remember Mr. Adalian (or is it Mr. Josef?) from his appearance on Housecalls a while back.

ANYway...Jessie should have stayed, we all enjoy train wrecks and Jessie embodied that from toe to head.

Thanks, Firecat. It's just Joe. I'm sorry that House Calls appearance is still in your memory bank.

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