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Oh Brother!

Libra Moves Out, Karma Moves In

August 15, 2008 7:57 AM

Joe Adalian

Michele Greppi: My, oh, my. Cotton candy wouldn’t have melted in Libra’s mouth after she got evicted by a unanimous vote last night. As if we hadn’t all been witness to her more vicious verbiage since “Big Brother 10” started.

Now the diva is off to a lonely life of luxury as the first resident of the “BB10” sequester house. But, based on the segment on her family’s defense of her decision to leave 5-month-old twins—and a slightly older daughter—in the hands of her mother and husband, Libra already leads a pretty nice life. The biggest surprise to me was that her husband was more slab than the hunk I had imagined she would choose.

The Aprollie-Jerry alliance played all their cards wrong. After exploring the possibility of a guerrilla vote in favor of keeping Libra and evicting Keesha, the trio caved and voted in lockstep with Head of Household Michelle's wishes.

Then they were neutered one by one, bing, bang, boom, by getting taken out of the competition to become the next HOH.

The winner was Renny, the 54-year-old beauty shop-owning, wig-wearing, mimic meister who is Keesha’s best friend and a solid member of the alliance, including Memphis and Dan, that flipped the house on its head last week with the surprise eviction of musclehead Jessie.

My, oh, my, oh, my. “Big Brother After Dark” is going to be funnnnnnn tonight.

Scheming April is going to be in full kiss-up mode and her consort Ollie is going to be in his customary backup mode.

I’d happily stake a week’s pay on Renny putting both of them on the block to break up their showmantic game.

Geezer Jerry, Aprollie’s lone remaining tool, probably still doesn’t know what hit him, because he’s done a pretty good job annoying (or worse) everyone in the alliance in power for the next week.

But Aprollie will have to continue to grit their teeth and be nice to him (not to mention submit to his constant advice and counsel and bedtime kisses) in an attempt to save what’s left of their alliance. Good night, Pap Pap. Good night, Pap Pap. Good night, Pap Pap, one of you is doomed to go.

Libra may be gone, but wouldn’t it be fun to imagine her and April in an otherwise empty house.

Karma is indeed a bitch. She’s going to toy with the Aprollie-Jerry alliance for the next week.

And “BB10’s” streak as the best season in memory is intact.

Over and out, Joe, my fellow couch pair-tato and the sunny Mr. Yang to my overcast Miz Yin.

Josef Adalian: The applause from the audience when Renny won spoke volumes, I think, about how America feels about the game thus far. After initially appearing a few marchers short of a full Mardi Gras crew, Renny has become America's true player—the least offensive, most interesting and thoroughly human contestant still in the game. Let's just hope power doesn't bring out her eccentric side and result in any surprises.

As for Libra, I thought she departed the house with style. No over-the-top tantrums or nasty stares; neither did she offer Michelle what would have been a fake hug. Libra clearly has issues, and she's not the sweetest person one would want to be stuck with in a house for a summer. But she exited as gracefully as anyone could have under the circumstances.

Random aside: Wouldn't it be great if there were a live feed from inside sequester house ... and Libra had no idea the cameras were on?

OK, back to the mission ahead for Renny. I'm sure there's a part of her that would have preferred to stay under the radar, allowing Keesha or Dan to do the dirty work that needs to be done. She now becomes a potential target in the near future, assuming the Keesha-Dan-Memphis-Renny alliance doesn't sweep HOH for the next few weeks.

That said, after seeing Renny's raw emotions upon entering her HOH room Thursday night—I admit, I teared up when she broke down—I'm sure Renny doesn't really mind whatever potential downside there might be to her victory.

I agree that splitting Aprollie is likely Renny's best play. In the event one of her nominees wins HOH, putting Jerry on the block would ensure a win-win outcome next Thursday. She could accomplish the same thing by putting up April and Jerry off the bat—and maybe keeps Ollie on her good side in the event she makes it to the finals.

I also hope that Renny tries to bond with Michelle. There's no reason to put her on the block, but she should make sure Michelle owes her a favor or two for the privilege of remaining safe another week.

Meanwhile, the producers once again showed their twisted side with this week's America's Choice. Watching the houseguests lick giant lollipops would be a hoot, but I'm voting for bologna. It seems a fitting tribute to April, who, as many message boards have pointed out, has spent much of the summer riding Ollie's bologna pony.

Final random note of sadness: While in Renny's HOH room, Ollie asked which artist was on her CD. She replied, "Ella Fitzgerald." Said Ollie, "Who's that?" While Michelle (and, of course, Jerry) knew who she was, the other houseguests seemed similarly clueless.

Really, guys? The First Lady of Song? Never heard of her?

Given CBS' connection to the Grammys, is it too much to ask that "Big Brother" give these houseguests a musical education before they leave the house?

End of lecture. See ya Sunday, Miz Yin.


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Can we just keep all these nutty characters in the house for the next few weeks and then cut it down to the final two with a big, sweeping, multiple-eviction episode??


I say Big Brother stops evicting houseguests, and The Real World start.

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