"Big Brother" is the reality show critics love to hate. But for passionate fans of the unscripted CBS soap opera, summer would be a bummer without it. That includes TVWeek editors Michele Greppi and Josef Adalian, who’ve decided to chronicle their “Brother”-ly love via regular blog postings. From the first HOH competition to the last "But first…" to fall from the lips of the Chenbot, they’ll be serving up their unfiltered take on life inside TV’s most dysfunctional house of horrors.


Oh Brother!

Not-So-Jolly Ollie’s Folly

August 27, 2008 12:14 PM

Michele Greppi: And another one bites the dust. No, Joe, not Michelle, although Dan broke his deal with Ollie and put her on the block after Memphis used the Power of Veto he won to take himself off.

I mean Ollie, the son of a preacher man, who, when snookered, went on a rampage that left lollipops crushed, furniture rearranged, a planter upended and a light broken.

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Oh, and how did he express his rage at Memphis? With one of the basest tools in a bully boy’s arsenal: taunts that Memphis is gay. But Ollie used the f-word for a gay man. And he shouted instructions about which part of Ollie’s anatomy Memphis should suck.

Tch, tch, Ollie. Not nice. Not acceptable.

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Let’s wish him a nice life with April, his Lindsay Lohan look-alike lover, who also goes nasty when thwarted.

No one in the “Big Brother 10” house threw any stereotypical slurs at Aprollie when they hump-started their showmance that eventually took a turn for the serious.

But Ollie showed us an unevolved mean streak that reduced every horrible thing that’s been said by anyone in this volatile “BB10” house to anyone—or, more often, about anyone—in the “BB10” house to miniature, if still myriad, offenses.

Meanwhile, Michelle is devastated and going to try every dirty trick in the book, which is what makes “BB” so much fun to watch.

Her co-nominee, geezer Jerry, who has floated this far by sucking up to whomever has the power, is going to be spinning like a compass seeking a suddenly demagnetized North Pole.

He has attacked Dan and Memphis and Renny and Keesha on a personal level. Only the fact that this slightly dinged and somewhat distrustful alliance wants Michelle out first will save Jerry, but there have been hints they may gleefully fleece him of his “BB10” gold winnings in return for sparing him from eviction Thursday night.


That may buy him only a few minutes’ relief, because the houseguests are headed for a surprise double eviction during Thursday night’s live show and there’s no guarantee that Ollie will commit another folly under pressure.

BTW, Mr. Yang, the Thursday show may be live to lucky you, but not to your Ms. Yin. Once again, WCBS-TV is delaying “BB10” until who knows when in the middle of the night to give us New Yorkers a pre-season Jets-Eagles game.

I’ve said it before, but I must say again: Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrgh, f-ing aaaaaaaarrrrrgh!!!

And that’s not the gay f-word I’m using there.

I’m taking a break here.

Gotta go savor Hillary Clinton’s kick-ass speech—Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits, indeed. Even Pat Buchanan thought it was a wonderful speech. For a second, I know what it felt like to be in a “BB”-style alliance with someone I ordinarily would only want to go away. Just wait ’til Mr. Buchanan hears on the DVD what I say about him in the Diary Room.

OK, I’m back with a quick note from “Big Brother After Dark,” where Jerry was oozing over with vile talk about anyone who is not Michelle or Ollie—or himself, of course.

He said he’s going to see his chiropractor as soon as he gets home and then remarked that the chiropractor is a woman, because he’s not going to let a man manipulate his body. Ollie said they’re on the same page on that. I’ve never visited a chiropractor, but I’ve never imagined it to involve touching that might stoke same-sex phobias.

Things turned particularly vile when the trio played “Guess how many guys Keesha has had sex with,” as if there weren’t some other current or former houseguests who might blush to have the same information so cavalierly shared on TV.

Things turned comical when Jerry led a prep session for competitions that might involve related times in the house or who did what when in the house.

At one point, when Michelle pointed out that he had added some numbers and come up with the wrong answer, Ollie said, like the practiced coat-tail rider he is: “She’s got a point.”

The Confederacy of Dunces lives and still thinks that playing the “BB” game means no back-stabbing unless they’re on the handle end of the weapon.

My apologies for carrying on so long, Mr. Yang, but I had to get some things out of my craw. Thursday night cannot come too soon.

Josef Adalian: No worries about the rant, Ms. Yin. The houseguests have me at wit’s end as well.

The MiJollie alliance is the most frustrating. Ringleader Ollie’s petulant post-veto behavior shattered a season’s worth of goodwill, and yet, it was not surprising. In some ways, I think he may actually turn out to be almost as socially stunted as the not-so-dearly departed Jessie. Sure, Ollie was able to form a real relationship with April (something likely out of Jessie’s grasp), but he has basically isolated himself from the rest of the house the entire season.

With April gone, I figured Ollie would try to spread out and form bonds with the other side of the house. Instead, he’s stuck with the paranoid-bordering-on-delusional Michelle (“I’m not stupid!” she screamed last night, insisting Dan was a plant by the producers) and the beyond-comment Jerry. And Ollie’s strategy with Dan—trying to emasculate the HOH by demanding he live up to their deal—has been equally lame. Memo to Ollie: Dan is in an alliance of four. You’re in an alliance that soon will be down to two people. Do the math, think ahead, and stop pretending that you’re running things.


Of course, Dan and his cohorts aren’t much better. Yes, props must be given to Dan for once again executing a classic “BB” double-cross. I still think he simply should have convinced his alliance to go after Jerry this week. Had he replaced Memphis with Keesha, Jerry would have been a guaranteed goner (barring an unlikely split in his alliance). And Dan would have been perfectly situated no matter who wins HOH Thursday, since Ollie would have felt as if Dan had lived up to their deal, and the people in Dan’s alliance would be happy to see Jerry go.

That said, Michelle is a stronger player than Jerry—marginally—and her departure is better for the overall alliance, though not Dan himself.

Dan’s biggest blunder, however, was his inane game-playing at Tuesday’s POV. What. Was. He. Thinking?

Are his fellow houseguests really so dumb as to not see through his attempts to spark conflict? I mean, he told them all in advance what he was doing. What was the point of his little game? He came off as arrogant and silly, all at once. Jessie would’ve been proud. I was just embarassed for Dan’s students.

That leaves Memphis and Keesha and Renny, who at this point are just coasting under the radar. If they’re smart, they’ll cut Dan loose as soon as possible. They might think they’d do well against him in the final two. But I fear that if Dan makes it to the end, the evictees might talk themselves into giving him the money, citing the “he really played the game” argument.

Truth is, there is a strong case to be made that Dan deserves to win the game. But he’s becoming so obnoxious in his pursuit of victory, he may yet mess it all up.

Finally, Greppi, a note on Hillary: She wowed. She was a wonder. She helped Obama. I just wish there were a way to put some of the cable networks’ pundit bobbleheads on the chopping block and evict them from the Big News house. Since when did predicting the news become a more noble pursuit than psychoanalyzing the news?

See ya tomorrow!


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Greetings! I've been a secret BB watcher and have enjoyed your wonderful color commentary along the way. But after last nights ep. I can no longer keep my trap shut. This season's players are mind-numbingly stupid. Dan ranks as a top 3 contender for worst BB player. Like Mr. Yang mentions, he could have coasted and been in a good place but has now, imho, lost the game. IF he makes it to the final 2 along with someone from his "lame-liance" and IF folks vote their grudge then Ollie, April, Michelle, & Jerry are no's. That's 4 out of 7 = game over for Dan-the-dumb-man. And you're right Ms. Yin, the craw does feel better after being unstuck. Thanks all for a great mid-afternoon breaks.

Thanks, John. I love "lame-liance"! I don't know that I'd put Dan in the top 3 dumb players in the show's history. After all, he came very close to being ejected early on the game, and yet he's gone nearly to the end. Plus, let's face it, most of the players in the house this year are far worse players than he. ("Mind-numbingly stupid" is an appropriate phrase.) Thanks for reading...

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