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Oh Brother!

The Dan-dy Man Can! Maybe

August 25, 2008 8:32 AM

Josef Adalian: The full extent of Dan's HOH deal with Ollie revealed itself Sunday night, Ms. Yin. I'm not sure which party to the deal is more annoying. 

On the one hand, Dan is way too impressed with himself for making what he calls a "weak" deal. He doesn't seem to realize that he's raised all sorts of doubts about his trustworthiness within his semi-alliance. How? By not immediately going to Memphis and Keesha (and possibly Renny) and simply spilling all of the details. Since the funky foursome control who ultimately leaves the house, Ollie really has no power whatsoever. Dan should have simply told his allies what was up and focused on getting Jerry to go home. 

Of course, Ollie is no less annoying. He thinks he's made the best deal ever. But, in addition to not having any real say in who leaves on Thursday, Ollie seems way too confident that he won't be stabbed in the back by Dan. What's more, he continues to make no apparent effort to expand beyond his Jerry-Michelle semi-alliance. He and Renny are cordial, but—at least as far as I've seen—Ollie has made no deal to seal any sort of deal with her. Or Keesha. Or Memphis. 

Ollie, sans April, has no real enemies. He needs to split the dominant alliance, but instead, he's wasting his time with Michelle, who insists on calling him Ali. (Maybe she just thinks he's the Greatest.)

Sunday's show left off with Dan nominating for ouster Memphis and Jerry, quite predictably. Those of us who cheat know Memphis has already won POV—and the current scheme among Dan & Co. is that Dan should put up Michelle in place of Memphis. I can't believe Dan would actually go through with such a move.

He would instantly ensure that Michelle and Ollie and very likely April would never vote for him should he make it to the final two. And he would gain ... nothing. Sure, Michelle (or Ollie) is a bigger threat. But making new enemies makes no sense this late in the game. He should just put up whomever Ollie wants ... and then break the inevitable tie by voting out Jerry.

Michele Greppi: Make up your mind, Mr. Yang. You want drama. Then you counsel against drama.

The best way for Dan to calm the two most needy and big-mouthed members of his alliance, Keesha and Renny, would be to let Memphis take himself off and to put up Michelle, the tough competitor.

Or, tah daahhhh, Ollie, who, as you pointed out, thinks he’s in charge but really is still drafting another player. This time it’s Dan, whom Ollie doesn’t like, instead of April, whom he adores.

That would buy a short-term gratitude at least from Jerry and/or Michelle and kill the Ollie, et alii, alliance before it has a chance to achieve any power—and before the double live eviction takes place Thursday, a twist the houseguests still don’t know is coming.

As we saw on last night’s “Big Brother After Dark,” Dan and Memphis plan to be the final two.

This may be the most complex strategy since Nokomis’ game-hanging, house-flipping, three-finger strategy way back when.

If the houseguests’ final vote is on game-playing, and Dan does make the final two, he certainly would qualify for the $500,000.

If pure personal animus dictates the vote, the only person currently left in the house who might win by path of least individual offense would be Renny, but the odds are against her getting to the final two.

Having seen Dan the strategy man in action this week, he may be headed for the “BB” player hall of fame. Less obnoxious than Dr. Willie and sidekick Boogie and, of course, “BB8” loser of a winner Evel Dick.

There’s a good chance that his black and white jams will go unwashed until the finale. In sports, you don’t change what’s working for you. That includes crusty clothes.

And not sharing his life story, or overall strategy, with his alliance members.


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