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Oh Brother!

Wrangling With Renny's Reasoning

August 18, 2008 7:54 AM

Michele Greppi: Well, Joe, it’s hard to tell where things are going yet this week. Renny, the wacky lady from New Orleans, is playing like a wild card since she won Head of Household last week.

It did seem that her wisest choice would have been to put Aprollie, who are already using the M-word in their whispered conversations under the covers, on the block. April has been the warrior queen and Ollie her faithful follower. As long as they’re both in the “Big Brother 10” house, they are two votes played in unision.

Instead, Renny put up April and Jerry, who nominated Renny for eviction the first week. Huh?

She did this after putting Dan, Memphis and Keesha, her erstwhile alliance, on guard by asking them if they were willing to be put up as pawns. They weren’t. Duh!

She did this after making a very strong play for the loyalty of Michelle—and I remember a powerful moment after the quaking wall veto competition that brought Michelle nearly to her breaking point when Renny reached out to Michelle like a mother and Michelle collapsed into Renny’s arms asking for a motherly hug.

Renny made her nominations after putting Keesha on notice that Keesha’s friendship with the wily and charming and comfortable Memphis makes Renny uncomfortable.

And of course, Renny never misses an opportunity to let needle Dan, perhaps the hardest-to-read “BB” houseguest ever.

Compared to the rest of the “BB10” houseguests, the Catholic school teacher appears to have led an almost monastic life. Imagine he and girlfriend Monica in the muck of “BB9” as a secret couple if Monica hadn’t changed her mind at the last minute—if we are to believe Dan’s story.

Tuesday, we’ll see whether Renny’s nominations are upheld. It’ll take a little while longer to see whether Renny, who said she wanted to make as few enemies as possible with her nominations, made more than she intended.

In the meantime, keep an eye on Michelle and Renny. I think there’s a deep connection there, and at some point Keesha’s going to sense it and get her pug nose bent out of shape.

And when she does, grab the earplugs for all the dogs in your neighborhood. She’s going to screech in octaves not meant to be heard by human ears.

And keep an eye on Aprollie. I’m not rooting for her as “BB10” winner, but I am rooting for them as a couple.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Aprollie didn’t meet the future in-laws on the “BB10” finale after Ollie popped the question.

That’s it from me, my Mr. Yang. We’ll chat Tuesday after we see how the POV is played.

Josef Adalian: There's no use trying to figure out Renny's reasoning, Greppi. The woman has shown from her first night in the house that she's prone to random acts of insanity. Sometimes I think the wackiness is intentional, designed to throw off her fellow houseguests. Then she slips into one of her costumes and I'm convinced that, no, she's really just ... eccentric.

She's also much more vulnerable than I thought. The sight of her breaking down in tears upon seeing pictures of her (apparently) dead parents was one of the season's most touching moments. It's good to see an ounce of reality peek through on a reality show every so often.

I think Renny's problem this week has been overthinking things. Joking with her alliance about putting one of them up as pawns made no sense, particularly when she was going to go against their wishes and leave Ollie off the chopping block. I understand Renny's desire to not be a pushover. But when the logical thing to do—i.e., nominating Aprollie—happens to mesh with the wishes of your alliance, then a smart player simply does what his mates want.

That said, it really shouldn't make a difference whether April is on the block with Ollie or Jerry. If the goal is to get out April, the three votes needed to evict are present no matter whom she's up against. And I can see where Renny's mind is on this one: Assuming a post-April universe next week, having Ollie kinda sorta grateful for not being on the block makes sense. (This assumes, of course, that Ollie finally proves he's adept at doing anything in the house. Besides, of course, April.)

Meanwhile, as Internet and "BBAD" watchers know, Dan has won the power of veto. And Sunday night, he seemed to be contemplating using it—possibly for a $5,000 reward. Talk about overthinking. If he takes April off the block, he will go down as the dumbest player on "Big Brother" since ... well, maybe, since ever. If he takes Jerry off—he could spin it as pennance for past sins—then I'll admire his creativity.

As for your Renny-Michelle musings, I agree that Renny is up to something. She actually seems to be creating a new category of "BB" player: the allied floater. While she clearly has hooked up with Memphis-Keesha-Dan, Renny this week wisely seems to be forging bonds with both Ollie and Michelle. Given how quickly the balance of power shifts in the house, it's a smart strategy.

Even though Renny has been overanalyzing things this week, I'm just glad to see anyone in this house thinking two steps ahead. It's about time.

Hasta la Tuesday, Madame Yin.


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